Why Are Pre-Roll Joints Always Such Popular Sellers on 420?

Why Are Pre-Roll Joints Always Such Popular Sellers on 420?
Why Are Pre-Roll Joints Always Such Popular Sellers on 420 What is a pre-roll? For those of you who don't know, it's a pre-rolled joint that's ready to smoke so you don't need to go through the hassle of rolling it yourself. For those who like to celebrate the country's unofficial weed national holiday on the 20th of April each year, a pre-roll is often highly appreciated. At 4:20PM marijuana enthusiasts all across the country light up a joint (or other preferred method of consumption) in homage to the plant. Having some pre-rolls handy is often a wise choice on this day although, in all honesty, pre-rolls are a popular item on any day of the year.

You Typically Get What You Pay For

some dispensaries use leftovers for their pre-rolls so go to dispensaries you trust
While these nifty items are a hot seller at dispensaries, the quality isn't always guaranteed. Many times the pre-rolls on hand are rolled from leftover powdered plant material and leaf. This can be quite harsh on the throat and not necessarily the most effective way to smoke. Many dispensaries will practically give away pre-rolls to first time visitors and then sell them from anywhere between $5 and $10 a piece. You get what you pay for and, unless you're going with a trusted brand, you're likely to end up with a less than desirable product. There are companies that now specialize in pre-rolled joints and there are plenty of quality options on the market for a little extra than what you'd usually pay.

Common Types of Pre-Roll Joints

The pre-roll now comes in a lot of different varieties. You can get indica for a nice body high that maintains mental clarity or sativa for the euphoric mental high that so many enjoy. You can get hybrid varieties that are a mix of both indica and sativa. Another popular trend in pre-rolls is the THC infused variety. These pre-rolls are boosted with a variety of concentrate that will increase the THC content of the joint. THC is the psychedelic compound in marijuana that will increase creativity and a sense of euphoria. For those who don't want a mental high like this, there are varieties that are high in CBD, the compound that increases physical health, relaxation, concentration and is a powerful anti-inflammatory and pain killer. You can even choose to get your pre-rolls as a specific strain that you may favor.

Name Brands

name brands often used in quality pre-roll joints
Popular brands such as Willie's Reserve and Chong's Choice make affordable quality pre-rolls in different strains and varieties. They come in their own special packaging and packets usually including more than one joint. There are more expensive options such as Kaviar that are extremely strong, as they're rolled in kief and dipped in hash oil. These are probably best when they're shared. Whatever your preference, pre-rolls are definitely a convenience for those who don't want to deal with the mess and hassle of rolling, or those looking for a fancier feeling joint. Just beware of the dispensary variety that are filled with leftover leaf and powdered residue. Go for something of better quality and get the most bang for your buck and your smoking experience.

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