As medical marijuana becomes further legitimized throughout the country with 29 states having legalized it for medicinal purposes, more grow facilities keep popping up. Yet none are even close to being as impressive as a new facility currently under construction in New Mexico. Bright Green Group of Companies has partnered with Acoma Pueblo to build a $160 million dollar greenhouse that will cover almost 6 million square feet of native land. They plan to grow as many as 40 million medicinal plants with a main focus going towards marijuana. The greenhouse will be far bigger than the other medicinal marijuana greenhouses across the country, including any in California.

A Focus on Oils
The company’s main focus is the creation of medicinal oils and homeopathic remedies. The facility will not only grow the plants but it will also be a research facility. Studies will take place there to evaluate the medicinal value of a whole variety of plants, including marijuana. Right now, they plan to stick to the production of oils since they are working hard to be compliant with federal law so as to avoid any future issues. Since they are renting and building the facility on native land, they don’t need or intend to apply for a state license. They are only subject to comply with tribal and federal laws.

Following Federal Regulations
Great care will be taken to follow all FDA regulations when the company makes its products. Chief executive John Stockwell said, “What we plan on doing is working with the FDA to approve our novel prescription drugs. We’re not in the smoke business; we’re in the oil business. To spend this much money and to integrate this much technology, we’re looking to abide by the federal rules. We want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.” As it stands, the Trump administration seems much more focused on abolishing recreational marijuana. Medical marijuana has not been a target as yet, which keeps the Bright Green Group of Companies in a safer industry.

The Current Standing of the Project
According to The Cannabist, Chris Ahime from Acoma Business Enterprises said that the Federal Bureau of Indian Affairs still needs to sign the lease agreement between the pueblo and the Bright Green Group of Companies. The full construction of the enormous facility is expected to take about 2 years in total.

A facility like this that is also planning to conduct research has the potential to change the medical marijuana industry since so much research is needed on the plant to uncover it’s full benefits and even its dosing. While it has the potential to produce 4 times the amount of medical marijuana used in New Mexico every year, the marijuana can’t be shipped anywhere else due to the current federal law. Things are always changing though and anything can happen with marijuana reform in the next 2 years while the facility is being built. We’ll just have to wait and see!

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