In recent years, more and more people have come to recognize the medicinal value of marijuana. The plant has been legalized for medical use in 29 states and is currently legal for recreational use in 8 states. Even the most conservative groups and politicians have come to recognize marijuana’s potentially lifesaving abilities; especially when used to replace highly dangerous and addictive opioids which are currently prescribed for all manner of injuries and conditions. For this reason, veterans have found marijuana to be the most effective treatment for their ailments as well as being extremely effective for treating PTSD. Yet, due to the plant’s current classification, veterans are having to live in pain, addicted to opioids that aren’t treating their conditions effectively, with no reasonable option available for treating PTSD.

Conflicts with a Schedule I Classification
Marijuana is still being classified as a Schedule I drug, placing it in the highest risk category with the strictest prohibition. It is right beside heroin and LSD. The Schedule I class is used to describe the most dangerous drugs that have no medical value. Clearly most of the country, and the world for that matter, disagrees. Science itself disagrees as numerous studies have been completed that clearly prove the immense healing abilities of the plant. In fact they also prove that marijuana is safer and healthier than alcohol and cigarettes. Not only does it not create any medical problems after long term use but it can actually make you healthier and protect your body and brain from inflammatory conditions.

The Reasoning Behind the American Legion’s Request
This is why now even the most conservative groups are asking the federal government to step in and reschedule or de-schedule marijuana. The American Legion, a conservative veterans organization that first formed during World War I, has sent a letter to the Trump administration asking that they reschedule marijuana and allow medical research to be done on the plant’s potential therapeutic value. The current scheduling makes it extremely difficult and somewhat dangerous for researchers to study the plant for medical reasons. The America Legion are asking for these restrictions to be removed.

“We are not asking for it to be legalized,” Louis Celli, national director of veterans affairs and rehabilitation at American Legion, told Politico. “There is overwhelming evidence that it has been beneficial for some vets. The difference is that it is not founded in federal research because it has been illegal.”

Marijuana and PTSD
The group are asking to talk to Jared Kushner, who is senior advisor in the White House and Trump’s son-in-law. They are hoping to get support from the president in their quest to get proper treatment for the painful conditions suffered by the vets who protect the country’s safety and wellbeing. According to the Department of Veterans, PTSD has been the cause of an alarming number of veteran suicides. In fact, it is said to lead to 20 veteran deaths a day. Many veterans who have used marijuana to treat PTSD have had an enormous amount of success. While the DEA did approve a study into marijuana’s ability to treat PTSD, the process of initiating the study has been slow and full of federal barriers due to the plant’s current classification.
While there is currently no response on the issue as of yet, many are hopeful that this request from such a prestigious and conservative organization will help the forward movement of medical marijuana research.

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