Autoflowering seeds have become popular among growers lately. More and more varieties seem to be hitting the market. So what exactly are they? They are seeds that grow marijuana plants that are not dependent on light for flowering. This means that when the time is right, usually about 2 to 4 weeks into the vegetative stage, the plants will begin to flower on their own without a grower needing to change the amount of light the plant receives to trigger the flowing stage. This is very helpful to new growers and generally stops growers from leaving their plants in the vegetative state for too long.

The History of Autoflowering Seeds
How did seeds like this sprout into being? It all starts with the ruderalis strain from Northern Russia. The strain evolved over time to be able to grow in the 18-24 hour daylight days that happen in the North Russian summer. Once summer ends, the days are too short and cold for flowers to grow, so the plant became resilient in the light, flowering regardless of lighting. This strain on its own has a very low THC level, no real taste and is comparable to ditch weed. But breeders are clever and the strain has been bred with indica and sativa strains to develop a high THC, great tasting plant grown from the autoflowering seeds.

Improving Strain Qualities
Due to the bad reputation of the ruderalis strain, autoflowering seeds were poorly received when they first came out. The convenience of the strain wasn’t worth the low quality product it ultimately produced. Since then, breeders have gotten creative and with a lot of work and intensive breeding they are now available in very high quality strains. So you get all the benefits of the autoflowering seeds as well as the qualities in sativas and indicas that we all know and love.

A Summer with 2 Harvests
The benefits of these seeds are very exciting. Of course the ease of the flowering process is a big help, but the speed at which they harvest is also another massive benefit. Growers can now get 2 harvests out of a summer due to how quickly these seeds move from the vegetative to flowering states. Plants of different ages can be grown altogether since they will all flower automatically. This gives you a never ending supply of marijuana. They are often shorter in size which makes them good for growers that need more discretion. This may be useful for growers with less space as well.

Germinate Where You Intend to Grow
The seeds come in many different varieties and potencies. The seeds, like the plants themselves, are generally smaller. They grow well in containers but they don’t do well being transplanted. For this reason it’s a good idea to germinate them where you intend them to grow. They perform really well outdoors, since they are more resistant to mold and can cope with varying temperatures and watering schedules better than other plants. They do best with 18 hours of light a day. The best thing to do is investigate what will work best for your strain.

When you choose your next seeds, remember that autoflowering plants can make life easier and have many benefits. Obviously, they aren’t for every grower. But if you’re rather new to growing, they can give you a soft introduction to the experience.

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