Benefits of Vaping vs. Smoking Weed

Vaping has become a popular way to consume marijuana. While many states across the country have legalized medical marijuana in various forms, some of those states have very strict regulations. In certain states, the smoking of marijuana is still illegal while other delivery systems are acceptable, like oils and ointments. Despite this, even the most rigid states have recognized the benefits of vaping as a purer, healthier way of delivering marijuana to patients. This year, several states are voting on whether to join Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Colorado and D.C. in legalizing adult recreational use of marijuana. For those in the country who currently use cannabis recreationally, vaping has started to become the preferred way of attaining a nicer quality high. Despite its growing popularity, there are many who are still unfamiliar with the process and its benefits.

Vape Pens vs. Plug-In Vaporizers
In order to begin vaping, consumers will need a vaporizer. The common tools used to vaporize marijuana are pens or plug-in vaporizers. The quality of the high will be very much dependent on the quality of the vaporizer. Cheaper options may not produce the best results. The process of vaping is fairly straightforward. The marijuana is heated to just beneath combustion levels. Vapor is produced and this is what consumers inhale. Pens are an easy portable way of vaping and plug-in devices are available as fancy machines that will give you the ultimate high and best quality vaping experience. In the case of portable vapes, CCELL cartridges have become the new gold standard, offering smoother hits, better flavor and high potency.

Health Benefits of Vaping
There are many benefits of vaping but probably the most important one to mention is the massive health benefit. Any smoke that comes from lighting a plant on fire is going to have some problematic elements. The smoke produced by burning marijuana contains carcinogens and tar that are harmful to the lungs. While marijuana itself is believed to be a preventative for cancer, including lung cancer, the delivery method is important since the carcinogens and tar can lead to chronic bronchitis. Vaping, on the other hand, gets rid of 95% of the smoke, allowing the anti-inflammatory and cancer-reducing agents in marijuana to do their work without interference.

Premium High
Apart from the health benefits, the high produced by vaping is a far higher quality. When marijuana is smoked, the psychoactive ingredients can sometimes be combusted as well. In this way, the benefits of vaping include the actual high. Approximately 88% of the smoke produced by burning marijuana contains no cannabinoid elements which are the compounds that produce the high. On the other hand, 95% of the vapor produced by a vaporizer hit consists of cannabinoid compounds. This not only produces a better quality high, but it also allows consumers to enjoy the specific elements of the flower strain.

The benefits of vaping include allowing consumers to get the full medicinal benefits from the specific strain of flower they are vaping. Marijuana contains many medicinal benefits, from the anti-inflammatory elements to its ability to help with seizures, PTSD, cancer, AIDS and countless other conditions. Vaping allows patients to access the full medical benefits without the compounds being combusted. In general, vaping creates a purer smoking experience. It allows to you to inhale a refined vapor that is free from toxic elements while delivering a richer quality experience.

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