CBD Capsules Debut at 2015 Emerald Cup


With the rise of widespread marijuana legalization, conventions such as the Emerald Cup are drastically increasing in popularity. The 2015 Emerald Cup was recently held in Santa Rosa, California. This annual event features over 150 vendors, contests, speakers, music, and free samples. While there were many vendors present, one in particular easily stands out from the crowd: Cannabis Science.

Who is Cannabis Science?
Originally founded in 2000 as National Healthcare Technology, this biotech company has made tremendous leaps in cannabis-related research. They were re-named and re-branded in 2009 as Cannabis Science, and have been making waves ever since. One of the co-founders, Robert Melamede Ph.D. is a renowned cannaboid researcher and professor. The other co-founder, Raymond C. Dabney, is currently the CEO of the company. Their research covers a wide variety of medicinal cannabis uses, such as treatments for skin cancer, HIV/AIDS, and neurological disorders. Cannabis Science has also gained a reputation for pursuing FDA approval and nation-wide legalization.

New CBD Capsules Debuted at the 2015 Emerald Cup
The Colorado Springs based company entered three new cannaboid formulated capsules into two different categories. In the Edibles Category, they submitted CBIS 100 mg, Indica and CBIS 25mg Sativa. In the CBD Edibles Category they entered their hybrid CBIS 50mg, 1:1 CBD to THC Capsules. While Cannabis Science’s CBD capsules did not win any awards, it is easy to see why when analyzing the tremendous amount of sugar coated competition.

Cannabis Science most likely expected such an outcome. Since the Emerald Cup isn’t just about awards, they still made good use of the event’s networking opportunities. They had a dedicated staff on site to interact, pass out brochures, connect with dispensaries, and take pictures to document the event. The Emerald Cup has recently come to be known as one of the largest outdoor organic cannabis contests, and offers plenty to those on either side of the burgeoning legal cannabis industry.

Benefits of CBD Capsules
Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of at least 85 active cannaboids that can be found in modern-day cannabis. Based on current research, it is thought that CBD has a wider range of potential applications when compared to THC. Recently, CBD received quite a bit of press after researchers discovered its effects on rare forms of epilepsy. It has also been proven to be an effective anti-psychotic, although anxiety may develop after extended periods of use.

The contestants that beat Cannabis Science at the Emerald Cup clearly illustrate that when it comes to edibles, most people want food-based products. Some critics have warned against the widespread availability of edibles, claiming the appearance puts children at risk of accidental ingestion. However, CBD capsules cannot be mistaken for food or candy and have easily administered dosage recommendations.

While Cannabis Science didn’t bring home the prize this year, they should still receive credit for the leaps and bounds they achieve in their day-to-day research. With so many other companies focusing on the recreational aspects of marijuana, it’s refreshing to see an organization devoted to providing access to safe medicinal marijuana.

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