CCELL Silo vs. CCELL Palm: Which is Right for You?

CCELL Silo vs. CCELL Palm: Which is Right for You? | Marijuana Packaging

CCELL has undeniably re-shaped what we expect from a quality vaping experience. The refillable vape carts have been praised for how effectively they work with distillates of high viscosity, providing smooth hits while retaining outstanding flavor. But CCELL didn’t coast on the success of their phenomenal vape cart innovations. Rather, they created portable cartridge-based vapes, starting with the CCELL Palm and following more recently with the CCELL Silo. But which model is right for you? Today, we’ll take a look at CCELL’s answers to the portable vaporizer to see which suits your style more.

Charcoal Grey CCELL Palm And Silo | Marijuana Packaging

Similarities Between the CCELL Silo and Palm

The CCELL Silo and CCELL Palm vapes are actually fairly similar, but they’re much different than other, classic vape pen models that actually resemble pens. Each model comes equipped with a USB charging cable and two magnetic adapters in addition to the portable vape itself. The magnetic adapters are strong enough to add an extra level of security to your cartridge connection, resulting in fewer leaks. You can also find both models in a range of colors, so you can choose one that best fits your style. CCELL batteries are loved for how long they can reliably last on a single charge, even under frequent use. You can typically count on a full charge right out of the box, which is great because who wants to wait to vape?

Compatibility with Other 510-Threaded Batteries

Both the CCELL Silo and CCELL Palm battery packs are designed to work with any 510-threaded cartridges. This means you’re not limited to strictly using CCELL carts with your CCELL Palm or CCELL Silo battery. While versatility in vaping is always welcome, you’d be hard pressed to find a 510-threaded cart that gives a better vaping experience than a CCELL. For anyone unversed in the benefits of the CCELL cartridge, you’ll quickly find that its design offers superior airflow ideal for higher viscosity concentrates. CCELL carts are also refillable, with their craftsmanship holding up through a dozen refills in some cases. Don’t feel like you’re limited to a certain type of extract; you can even put vapable CBD oil in a refillable CCELL. However, if you’ve purchased a pre-filled 510-threaded cartridge and you really want to use it with your CCELL Silo or Palm, knock yourself out!

Where the CCELL Silo and Palm Differ

CCELL Silo vs Palm: what’s the difference? The CCELL Silo employs a narrow frame that’s thicker than the CCELL Palm. The Silo also features a window that offers a view of the cartridge so that you can keep track of your distillate levels. Overall, it’s a charmingly compact package that allows for discreet use.

The CCELL Palm offers a wider, thinner shape than the CCELL Silo. This somehow gives it a more polished look than the Silo, though it also seems a bit more fragile due to its thinness. While the CCELL Palm doesn’t use a window, the body cuts away to expose the cart so you can still maintain an awareness of concentrate levels.

Since there’s very little difference in CCELL Palm vs Silo vapes other than their shape, that will likely be your sole determining factor in which model you choose. If you have the opportunity, test out how each model feels in your hand or in your pocket. I’ve seen people singing the praises of both CCELL vape models. The truth is that both are outstanding vape batteries for their price.

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