Evaluating the Best Soil for Marijuana Cultivation May Point to a Medium Instead
One of the first steps you’ll have to take when you start your garden is to ask yourself what is the best soil for marijuana cultivation? There are a handful of great choices. However, your choice of grow medium will largely be determined by the cultivation techniques you wish to employ. There are many factors that will determine which method of cultivation you go with, whether it be organic or hydroponic. First determine how you want to grow and the choice of mediums for cannabis cultivation will become apparent.

Organic Soils and Mediums
organic often considered best soil for marijuana growing for freshness
Organic soil is often favored for a purely natural cannabis grow operation.
Many people ask themselves “what is the best soil for marijuana cultivation?” If you are just starting out, the first thing you need to know is that not all “soils” are actually soils. Real organic soil is used primarily in organic and veganic cultivation while a multitude of neutral mediums are used for hydroponics. If you are looking to grow in a greenhouse or right out under the sun, using an organic soil is the best choice to go with.

How Organic Soils Work
Organic soil is teeming with lifeforms like fungus and bacteria that all contribute to the health of your plants. Organic soil is already rich with elements and should be supplemented with only true organic nutrient blends. Organic nutrient blends are safe for the beneficial microbes that make your soil home. These microbes play an essential role in nutrient processing. They convert the nutrients fed to the soil into a form more readily available for absorption by the root system. Organic soil is not pH neutral so you have to take that into consideration when mixing your nutrients. Some think that organic soil can lead to a fresher and more vibrant flavor in your finished product than hydroponics.

Using Coco Coir for Hydroponic Cannabis
coco coir is a favored medium for hydroponic marijuana cultivation
Coco coir is a favored medium for hydroponic marijuana cultivation.
The best medium for marijuana cultivation in the hydroponic field is coco coir. Made from the husks of coconuts, coco coir is pH neutral, dense, and heavily absorbent. Plants grown with coco coir are grown similarly to plants grown in soil. However, the principles of hydroponics are applied in the nutrients, pH balancing and supplementation. Other soil substitutes like perlite, vermiculite and rock wool can also be used or mixed with coco coir to adjust the density. Other hydroponic mediums include sand, saw dust and clay pellets.

Sometimes the Best Soil for Marijuana is No Soil At All
Many hydroponic systems don’t use any medium at all. Systems that utilize a water reservoir and a tray work by either soaking, misting or flowing water, rich with nutrients, over the root system of the plant. This makes sure the nutritional needs of the plant are met while ensuring proper aeration of the roots. While organic growers believe they have the best tasting and smelling marijuana, hydroponic growers boast bigger and faster yields. So determining the best medium for marijuana cultivation directly ties into how you want to grow. If growing outdoors is your thing, organic soils are the way to go. If you are building a cultivation room indoors, take a look at coco coir or any one of the other hydroponic mediums you may find at your local grow shop.

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