Water Curing Weed and Why It’s So Controversial

Water curing is a process that people use in order to get the smoothest possible weed. It’s able to take away a lot of the flavor of the smoke without affecting the THC levels. This is good for people who like a mild, smooth, mellow smoke, without harshness or aroma. It’s also good for getting rid of unpleasant flavors that are presented in certain strands. Water curing is renowned for restoring bud that has been dried too quickly or poorly, which would usually end up being too harsh. It creates such a smooth smoke that many who enjoy the flavor and smell of the marijuana will be put off by this process entirely because the much beloved flavors and aromas are sacrificed. Having said that, it’s worth knowing about and for many who do like a harsh smoke, it’s a God send.

Water Curing is Not a Catch All Fix
The first thing to understand is that this process will not fix marijuana that has fungus, powdery mildew or has been sprayed with chemicals. If your weed has been affected by any of these things, it is irreversibly ruined and water curing will not fix it. For this reason, only use water cured weed that you have cured yourself or has come from a trusted source. The process can mask the effects of fungus and chemicals and you don’t want to be smoking contaminated bud. Another thing to consider is that your water cured weed will also look pretty bad once it’s ready. The bag appeal will be totally gone, but you will have the smoothest possible weed.

The Science of Water Solubility
The elements in your weed such as chlorophyl, salts and other components that will lead to a bad taste or harsh high are water soluble. This means that through the water curing process, all those unwanted elements will be drawn out of the weed and dissolved. THC, on the other hand, is not water soluble and therefore will stay in the weed, giving you the desired high you want.

How to Water Cure Your Bud
All you need to do is put your weed in a glass container with pure water and weigh it down so it remains underwater. Loosely fit the lid and leave it in a safe, cool area, about 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Change the water every 12 hours and replace it with fresh water. Do this for 5 to 7 days. Don’t forget to change the water or you may ruin the weed. All the components that you don’t want will dissolve in the water over the week.

When you are done, drain the water from the container and put your weed laid out on an oven tray. Put it in the oven at 200 Fahrenheit for a couple of hours or until it dries. If all of this is done correctly, the result will be a smooth, mild smoke with none of the character, harshness or intense aroma. The cured marijuana can also be used to make tinctures and edibles that don’t have the marijuana flavor that some people don’t like. Water curing offers an alternative to air curing, which involves letting the pot dry out in the air for a couple of weeks. Air curing gives bag appeal and a strong taste where water cured weed is mild and smooth.

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