Long time marijuana advocate Willie Nelson has taken his love of pot a step further by launching his own cannabis company, Willie’s Reserve. Nelson has been vocal about his support for the herb for decades and his live shows are attended by pot enthusiasts across the country, sharing their weed in celebration of Nelson’s music and the lifestyle with which he is associated. On the company website, it states that “Willie’s Reserve pays tribute to a tradition of sharing, caring and toking.” It boldly states at the top of the page, “My stash is your stash” in the spirit of sharing that the company represents.

A Product Backed by Belief
The company was created by the Nelson family in a desire to provoke a discussion about the war on drugs. Nelson has spent his lifetime talking openly about legalizing marijuana and Willie’s Reserve seems to be the natural next phase in his public support of the herb. The website describes the company as selling “a trailblazing line of marijuana products that celebrate Willie’s love of cannabis and the culture surrounding it.” Earlier this year, Dan Rather asked Nelson why he named the company after himself. Nelson replied, “To prove a point, I think. I felt like if you really believe in something, why not promote it?”

The Wilie’s Reserve State of Operation
The company has already received support from major investors including New York based private equity firm, Tutara Capital. It will launch its line of products in Colorado, where recreational marijuana was legalized in 2012. Weed jobs are now available at Willie’s Reserve. It’s expected, at least for the immediate future that the products will be grown, produced and sold in Colorado although with the country legalizing recreational marijuana state by state every year, it’s likely that over the coming years it will be made available in other states too. Adult use of recreational marijuana is already legal in Washington, Oregon, Alaska and D.C. along with Colorado. California and Nevada are amongst the 6 states voting on whether to legalize this November. For now, it will be launched out of Colorado.

Adding More Weed Jobs to Colorado
Weed jobs for Willie’s Reserve have now been made available for those who would qualify and live or are willing to reside in Denver, Colorado where the business will be based. The company is specifically looking to fill 5 positions. They are looking for a production manager, whose job is advertised at $65,000 annually with performance-based incentives. They are also looking for an extractor, a compliance officer, bookkeeper and sales director. Two years’ experience in the marijuana industry is preferred, along with proof of expertise in the area that relates to the position. A good, solid, ethical core value system also seems to be highly valued by Willie’s Reserve.

The company’s line of products will be released this summer. They will be varied, but all handpicked by Willie Nelson, himself. They plan to launch a full range of pot strains, pre-roll, vapes and edibles. All marijuana will be grown by independent farmers using a variety of cultivation techniques. If you believe you have the experience and qualifications to apply for one of the weed jobs at Willie’s Reserve, apply at the Willie’s Reserve Official Site.

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