Medical Marijuana Legal On Cherokee Land In North Carolina

Medical Marijuana Legal On Cherokee Land In North Carolina

The first foothold for the marijuana industry in the state of North Carolina was provided by the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. They have approved growing, selling, and using medical marijuana on their lands in North Carolina. As reported by the Charlotte Observer, the tribe announced the decision Thursday and said it reflects the growing recognition that cannabis has medicinal value.

Details such as how the industry will be structured, what medical ailments will qualify patients for medical marijuana, and whether the medicine will be sold to patients who aren’t members of the tribe were not made specific.The Principle Chief Richard Sneed told the Charlotte Observer, “Passing this ordinance is just the first step, but we are excited to begin building this program.” He continued, “I know that I reflect the sentiments of many patients in expressing my pride and gratitude for the leadership demonstrated by our Council on this issue.”

The tribe’s Cannabis Control Board will be overseeing licensing for the program as well as patient certification. This program also marks the latest Native American business moves into the marijuana industry. Although the attempts at legalizing medical marijuana through North Carolina have all been met with defeat, another measure for legalization is still alive in a legislative committee. This is great for Native Americans in North Carolina who need to hit the bong in order to ease their ailments, and this new decree ensures they won’t face any jail time.

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