Ohio Cannabis Advocates Resubmit Legalization Petition After Their Last One Was Rejected

Ohio Cannabis Advocates Resubmit Legalization Petition After Their Last One Was Rejected

The Ohio Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol re-submitted their petition to legalize adult-use cannabis in the midwest state. The group revised their previous document, collected more signatures, and turned in the new petition last week. The campaign’s first draft was rejected by Ohio Attorney General David Yost (R) on “procedural grounds,” which prompted the resubmission.

Yost said the petition “does not properly advise a potential signer of a proposed measure’s character and limitations” and was “unable to certify the proposed summary as fair and truthful.”

The AG’s Office now has 10 days to review the revised proposal. According to Ganjapreneur, if approved, “the campaign must collect 132,887 signatures to trigger a four-month legislative review during which legislators can adopt, reject, or amend the petition. If the legislature fails to adopt the measure, advocates must collect an additional 132,887 signatures to get the question on 2022 ballots.”

If passed, Ohioans can look forward to possessing up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis flower and being able to grow up to six plants at home. While residents previously struck down an adult-use constitutional amendment in 2015, it’s clear that Ohia cannabis activists aren’t willing to give up this time around the block. Although this time, the matter at hand is a statutory measure, not a constitutional amendment.

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