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Marijuana Legalization Initiative for 2022 Ballot Challenged In Court

Marijuana Legalization Initiative for 2022 Ballot Challenged In Court

An initiative petition filed by Oklahomans for Responsible Cannabis Action (ORCA) to put an adult-use cannabis legalization measure on the 2022 ballot is being challenged in court. 

ORCA is a non-profit organization and proposes that the state of Oklahoma allows adults 21 or over to grow legally, transport, purchase, prepare, and consume cannabis. The group was founded by Jed Green and sought to allow people convicted of cannabis-related crimes to ask the court for dismissal or resentencing.

“We believe that we have a really strong case. [The man filing this challenge] wants attention. This is the second time that he’s done this,” Green said in an interview with KFOR.

Paul Tay, a former gubernatorial candidate currently incarcerated, filed the challenge to the citizen initiative petition to legalize recreational marijuana.

Tay referenced a Supreme Court case, McGirt v. Oklahoma, among other points, as one of the reasons to challenge the marijuana legalization proposal in court. According to Cannabis Business Times, the case ruled that the eastern portion of Oklahoma remains Native American land, and the prosecution of crimes in that area is under the jurisdiction of tribal courts. Tay alleges that the signatures gathered on Native land are invalid.

“The McGirt stuff is really kind of out of left field,” Green said in his KFOR interview. Green is confident that ORCA can overcome this challenge and continue to gather the necessary signatures to get the policy on the state ballot next November.

Marijuana legalization in Oklahoma will make strides in combatting the cannabis black market in the state. If legalized, Oklahomans will be able to enjoy their favorite cannabis strains through different kinds of glass pipes.

Both sides will present their cases on a December 14th court date, which will decide if the petition can continue gathering signatures. 

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