Allentown Police Chief Charles Roca

Thief Killed With His Own Gun After Attempting To Rob A Cannabis Dealer In Allentown

Thief Killed With His Own Gun After Attempting To Rob A Cannabis Dealer In Allentown

Hansan Gordon and Giavoni Riviello hatched a plan to lure a marijuana dealer to Allentown, PA, and then rob him. Things didn’t go as planned, and their victim got away. Gordon was killed and Riviello is now in jail awaiting trial.

“The plan was to bring a dealer to the area with several pounds of marijuana and Gordon and others planned to rob the man,” District Attorney Jim Martin’s office and Allentown Police Chief Charles Roca say in a press release. “The drug dealer arrived at the location and as the plan unfolded, Gordon drew and pointed a firearm and commanded the drug dealer to surrender the marijuana. An altercation ensued. During the struggle, Gordon was disarmed by the target of the robbery and was shot and killed with his own gun.”

The Lehigh County Coroner’s Office pronounced Gordon, 27, dead at the scene. His death was ruled a homicide and the cause of death was gunshot wounds to the body.

The DA’s office charged Giavoni Riviello with first-degree felony counts of robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery. Riviello’s and Gordon’s victim is unknown.

“The name of the man Gordon and Riviello planned to rob will not be released. He will not face criminal charges in connection with Gordon’s death because the investigation has determined that he acted in self-defense,” The press release states. “Further, he cannot be charged with respect to the possession or possession with intent to deliver marijuana, because by the time the police arrived there was no longer any marijuana on scene and therefore the charges cannot be proven.”

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