Dr. Dabber Boost E-Rig Review: A Revolutionary Dabbing Device

Dr. Dabber Boost E-Rig Review: A Revolutionary Dabbing Device - Marijuana Packaging
dr.-dabber-boost Hailed as the world's first ever portable electric dab rig, passing on the rotation to do a product review of the Dr. Dabber Boost E-Rig seemed outright blasphemous. dr.-dabber-boost Designed for the daily dabber in search of the latest technology for dabbing voluminous vapor clouds without the use of a butane torch, the Dr. Dabber Boost blends the capabilities of an average dab rig with the portable aspects of a wax vape pen, making for a revolutionary dabbing device. Despite being priced in the $200 range on some websites, the $160 price tag from ours seems reasonable enough considering its advanced heating capabilities, portability factor, and extended battery life.

Fresh from the Traveling Case

Fresh from its uniquely styled traveling case, the Dr. Dabber Boost has everything you need to start an immediate dab session with peers, minus your wax concentrate of choice. dr.-dabber-boost-parts The kit comes fully stocked with its own domeless titanium nail, domeless ceramic nail, and accompanying magnetic carb cap, allowing users the versatility of using either material as an option when figuring out which vapes the cleanest for them. Used also as an extended mouthpiece, the device comes equipped with a glass water attachment for filtering its voluminous cannabis vapor once water is applied. domeless-titanium-nail For storing wax concentrates, the device is supplied with a duo of blue silicone containers as well as two disposable alcohol wipes for maintenance and cleaning. Provided with a micro-USB cable for charging its single battery, the Dr. Dabber comes finished with a commemorative key chain, reminding you of the special day that you brought this bad boy home with you.

How To Use the Dr. Dabber Boost E-Rig

Once fully charged, properly assembled, and water has been applied to its glass attachment, the Dr. Dabber Boost can be easily operated in as little as 30 seconds with the push of a button. how-to-use-dr.-dabber-boost Loading the device is recommended once the light of the button illuminates blue, allowing your carefully placed concentrates to be vaporized into white clouds of cannabis mist. For the test sesh, White Fire OG Rosin was loaded, choosing to go the solvent-less route in order to stay clear of any impurities or toxicities that could arise from vaping its once popular alternative, BHO. Watch a video of how the Dr. Dabber Boost E-Rig performs here.

Quality of Vapor

After taking a few test rips, there was an immediate notice of the quality of vapor given off from the device, not only rivaling the quality of most dab rigs and their accompanying nails, but exceeding them in terms of taste. quality-of-vapor Besides the fact that White Fire OG was tested on the preferred and more durable titanium nail, the clean and potent flavor produced from the e-rig was deserving of high marks. Each rip was voluminous and milky white, despite only loading a small amount of rosin.

What Separates the Dr. Dabber from the Rest

Combined with its extended single battery, precisely calibrated to heat concentrates no higher than 600 degrees, the Dr. Dabber Boost's portability factor is what truly separates it from similar devices on the market. Although only 3-4 tokes were taken from the rig in this review session, the Dr. Dabber Boost is capable of 50-60 high powered rips on a single fully charged battery, making the scale of its efficiency much greater than that of an ordinary rig. The only real downsides of the Dr. Dabber Boost are its higher price points when compared to regular rigs as well as its smaller nail size when compared to regular domeless titanium nails or similar. These minor drawbacks however are balanced by the overall ingenuity of the e-rig's design and more than likely will be smoothed over in newer models as vaporizer electronics continues to evolve.

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Thomas Betts

More than likely, you’re putting WAY too much water in. In this video, the guy takes his first toke with no water, then with water. You can see an estimate of how much water to put in here:


Definitely not putting too much water. I put a trickle of water in and it drains through the two slits in middle chamber and goes straight to the very bottom chamber, no water stays in middle. Not very happy overall with the boost. Thanks for your response, I’ve watched that video among many others.


draw the water in through the bottom,,,until the chamber is full,,then turn the bubbler over and you will note that the inner chamber will fill…….turn the glass back over while taking a draw,,,,,you will notice the water trickle out of the bottom,,,when it trickles to the point , just below the inner chamber,,,take a draw on it and you will notice that it is now holding water up about 3//4 way to the top of the inner chamber,,,,,which is not much,,,,but that is how it is designed,,,if you fill it more,,,you will get a splash up when you take a draw off of it…….Fill it from the bottom, by pouring a glass of water and drrawing on it until it fills….You’ll get it.

c friloux

Great product. I have 2 .I also have a question,how do I clean my. Ceramic nail?


Having major issues filling the glass with water. Pour H2O in through the mouthpiece and it goes all the way to lower chamber. Any tips?

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