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KandyPens Aspires to Be the Apple of Vaping with These 5 Creations

KandyPens Aspires to Be the Apple of Vaping with These 5 Creations - Marijuana Packaging
KandyPens Aspires to Be the Apple of Vaping with These 5 Creations Since 2014, KandyPens have been pushing back the boundaries of wax pens and vaporizers in general. The Arizona-based company started out with a single product, the SkyCloud, which was passionately crafted over the period of a year in Santa Barbara, California. Since then, a series of impressive models and prominent celebrity endorsements have sealed KandyPens’ products into modern pop culture. Speaking with Tech Co., KandyPens CEO Graham Gibson boldly stated, “We want to be the Apple of the portable vapor industry.” That’s an ambitious goal though one the company has taken on with great focus. Today, we share 5 of our favorite KandyPens products that certainly fall in line with that vision.

1. The KandyPens Galaxy Wax Vaporizer

red kandypens galaxy wax pen The Galaxy wax vaporizer uses a wealth of quartz, allowing you to indulge in thick plumes of vapor with a full spectrum of flavor. To be specific, this oil pen boasts dual quartz rods swathed in high grade titanium coils with a generous quartz-lined chamber. If flavor is paramount to your vaping experience, the Galaxy is sure to please. It’s a fairly easy model to use even for a novice vaper. You have your choice of three heat settings accessed by simply toggling the power button. The versatility of these heat presets allows you a decent amount of control over your vaping experience and battery conservation. Also, as is the case with any Kandy Pens product, the Galaxy vape pen is absolutely gorgeous and comes in an impressive range of vibrant colors and finishes.

2. The KandyPens Gravity Portable Vaporizer

kandypens gravity oil pen vaporizer The Gravity portable vaporizer followed the Galaxy and many would say improved upon its features to make it a contender for the best vape pen in its price range. Graham Gibson has spoken of his company’s commitment to the technological evolution of the weed vaporizer and this philosophy may be most apparent in the Gravity. For example, some vape enthusiasts gravitated to the dual quartz coils of the Galaxy while others favored the ceramic atomizer found in KandyPens Donuts models. The Gravity gives you both. However, the ceramic atomizer features a flatter design than the one found in the Donuts vape pens, lending to easier cleaning and maintenance. As you can imagine, the quartz coil works swimmingly when you want huge clouds from minimal draws whereas the ceramic atomizer requires longer draws but delivers smoother results. Kandypens also redesigned their vape atomizer so that even the oiliest of concentrates stays locked in with no leakage. While the Galaxy was already doing pretty well on airflow, the Gravity wax pen hooks you up with an extra hole for a much simpler draw. You also get an extra heat setting bringing the total to four temperature presets.

3. The KandyPens Elite Wax Pen Vaporizer

kandypens elite portable vaporizer pen The Elite wax pen seems like it would be pretty exclusive based on the name but it’s actually a great portable vaporizer for novices and veterans alike due to its combination of stunning features and a user friendly intuitive design. As with the Gravity, KandyPens gives you choices with the Elite vape pen. You get a coilless ceramic-coated heating element as well as a quartz-coated coil with dual quartz rods. If you’re running low on concentrate, the ceramic coil is your best option. But if you’re looking for voluminous plumes, you’ll want to go with the quartz atomizer which isn’t as frugal but packs a mean punch. Airflow hits its zenith with one punctuating the chamber wall and the other positioned at the mouthpiece to give you greater draw control. No need to fret about leakage since the air hole in the chamber is strategically placed toward the top. Again, you’ve got 4 temperature presets with which to experiment. While the Elite looks just as nice as any other KandyPens model, it features a triple coat of color for greater endurance.

4. The KandyPens Glass Tornado Vubbler Attachment

kandypens glass vubbler attachment piece While KandyPens have indulged vape connoisseurs with their fair share of wax pens, the company has a much wider scope of interest as evidenced by this innovative piece. The Glass Tornado Vubbler attachment piece simply attaches to your vape pen of choice and renders your hits more soothing through cooling hydration. A built-in single coil titanium atomizer augments the vubbler, helping to deliver silky hits that are easy on the throat. While the included adapter is meant for SkyCloud models, it’s easy enough to get your hands on additional adapters so you can use this with your Gravity or Galaxy. With the vubbler readily available, there’s really no excuse to put your throat through hell.

5. The KandyPens Miva Dry Herb Vaporizer

kandypens miva dry herb marijuana vaporizer Holy grail-style crusades have been launched in search of the best dry herb vape pen so when KandyPens tackled the dry vaporizer demand with their Miva portable herbal vaporizer, it was definitely worthy of some attention. The key to getting the most out of the Miva marijuana vaporizer is to take advantage of the included extended glass mouthpiece. Due to the positioning of the oven in this weed pen, the longer mouthpiece is almost integral to keep your lips from feeling the burn of repeated use. Overall, you’re getting impressive clouds with full flavor from minimal draws. Vaping marijuana can take a bit longer than working with concentrates but this herbal vape pen takes a mere 10 – 20 seconds to heat up. The intuitive interface offers a generous temperature range of 300° - 435°F which can be adjusted by toggling the temperature “up” or “down” buttons. The deep ceramic chamber holds a considerable amount of flower and efficiently extracts the THC through vaporization without combustion. The Miva also utilizes a trio of vents that lend to superior airflow. When KandyPens make a dry herb vaporizer, they don’t mess around.

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