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Raw Pre Rolled Cones Top Our List of Favorite Raw Products

Raw Pre Rolled Cones Top Our List of Favorite Raw Products - Marijuana Packaging
Raw Pre Rolled Cones Top Our List of Favorite Raw Products Who doesn’t love Raw? They dominated the rolling paper game pretty quickly with their all-natural products, free from GMOs and other contaminants. But it takes more than improved health to make a classic smoking experience and this is where Raw really had to bring the innovation and quality right out of the gate to the pre rolled cones industry. Their distinctive rolling paper recipe has received acclaim for reliably slow and even burns that allow you to savor that precious smoke sesh. Manufactured in Spain, Raw uses its own hybrid blend of unbleached fibers to create the rolling solution that joint aficionados crave but they didn’t stop there. Rather the company kept the party going with Raw pre rolled cones, tips, specialty papers and even rolling trays, each with their consumers’ needs firmly in mind. Today, we’re going to take a closer look at a few of our favorite Raw products in tribute to one of the biggest brands in the industry.

#3. Raw 1 ¼” Rolling Papers

raw 1 1-4 inch rolling papers are free from gmos
Let’s begin with a classic among classics. If you’re talented when it comes to rolling tight joints, the standard 1 ¼” Raw rolling papers are excellent tools. They’re so thin that you can almost see through them. This thinness combined with surprising durability makes them ideal for rolling picture perfect joints. You’ll find each of these papers stamped with the unmistakable Raw watermark that helps to prevent running and ensures that you’ll be enjoying the even burn that helped elevate their brand so quickly. These 100% natural rolling papers are also best used for personal use as opposed to mass production in a dispensary setting.

#2: Raw Pre Rolled Cones (King Size)

raw pre rolled cones are great for filling machines
If you’re working in a dispensary or aren’t that adept at the art of rolling joints, Raw Pre Rolled Cones are easily one of your best (if not the best) options for a prize winning doobie. These King sized rolling papers can be easily loaded into a filling machine to take care of most of the effort. Since these are pre rolls, you don’t need to waste time hand rolling or invest in a rolling machine. That’s why these remain a premium choice for dispensaries. But don’t underestimate the popularity of Raw Pre Rolled Cones for personal use as well since they make tight joints so simple.

#1: Raw 1 ¼” Organic Pre Rolled Cones

raw organic pre rolled cones classify as hemp paper
So how can you make Raw Pre Rolled Cones even better? Recognizing that there’s always room for improvement, Raw decided to make an organic version of their cones created from 100% natural, fully organic hemp. They have all of the benefits of Raw Pre Rolled Cones but have a lighter coloring and a cleaner taste for the discerning smoker. It’s that added bit of healthiness that earns the organic version the top spot of our favorite Raw products list. You can still easily load them into a filling machine like any pre rolled cone which makes them another smart buy for dispensaries with discerning, health-conscious patrons.

Honorable Mention: Raw Organic Hemp Connoisseur 1 ¼” Rolling Papers and Tips

Raw Organic Hemp Connoisseur papers include tips for easy rollingThough it didn’t quite make the Top 3, we felt Raw’s 1 ¼” Organic Hemp Connoisseur Rolling Papers and Tips deserved a special shout out for getting so damn close. These 100% vegan and chemical-free papers and tips aren’t quite as simple as Raw Pre Rolled Cones but you can still roll some pretty incredible joints with the aid of the tips, even if you’re not particularly blessed with rolling skills. They’re great if you struggle with rolling joints but don’t need your hand held with cones. Also, if you’re not in a highly productive dispensary and are just rolling for personal use, the combo of papers and tips is actually pretty fun.

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