The Best Pre Rolled Cones For Health-Oriented Tokers

The Best Pre Rolled Cones For Health-Oriented Tokers

Pre-rolled cones are a godsend for cannabis smokers who struggle with how to roll a cone joint. But on top of avoiding the messy, time-consuming work of rolling from scratch, there’s been a huge movement to avoid unhealthy pre-rolled cones treated by harsh chemicals or made using unsustainable practices. The first thing consumers started pushing aside was tobacco, which was prominent for making blunt cones and wraps. The next things on the chopping block are bleached papers and artificial flavors.

But don’t fret if you simply need your cannabis wrapped in bright white paper and tasting like a strawberry smoothie. With today’s innovative manufacturers, there’s no shortage of health-conscious smoking cones that can satisfy even the pickiest of partakers. If you’re interested in heading down a healthier cannabis smoking road, or even if you just feel like you probably should, we’re going to fill you in on the very best pre-rolled cones for health-oriented tokers – in no particular order.

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RAW Cones

RAW Cones

The RAW brand has been renowned for its healthier-than-most-options unbleached rolling papers for decades, and RAW pre-rolled cones are widely regarded as some of the best in the industry. But even though they were wicked ahead of the curve with the whole hemp paper thing (most, if not all, RAW cones and papers are made from unbleached hemp fiber), they decided to take it a step further by adding a line of Organic Hemp Cones to their impressively extensive collection. 

RAW Organic Hemp Cones are made from 100% unbleached hemp papers that have been expertly crafted into sturdy, natural-tasting RAW paper cones. One of the biggest reasons to switch to healthier smoking cones like these ones from RAW – even if you don’t necessarily care about being healthier – is that natural taste and aroma. If you like to enjoy the true flavors and smells of your premium cannabis strains, RAW cones, specifically their Organic Hemp Cones, are a supreme choice. In our eyes, there are no drawbacks to RAW cones.


Elements Pre-Rolled Cones

Elements Pre Rolled Cones

Elements pre-rolled cones are another premium choice for those seeking untainted, healthy smoking paper experiences. These cone wraps are made from all-natural, unbleached rice paper, resulting in crisp white smoking cones that are ever so slightly translucent. Consumers love Elements cones because rice paper burns with almost no smell or flavor, and the only ash produced when smoking these guys comes from the natural gum Arabic sealant lines. 

One of the only tiny drawbacks to Elements pre-rolled cones is that they’re a bit delicate, meaning they aren’t exactly ideal for novices. If you don’t know how to properly handle thin rolling papers, there’s a chance you may accidentally tear your Elements rice paper cone as you’re trying to fill and twist it. But hey, practice makes perfect, and Elements’ incredibly reasonable prices make everyone feel a little less guilty about practicing over and over (and probably failing once or twice). 


Cyclones Flavored Hemp Cones

Cyclones Flavored Hemp Cones

While some people insist on their pre-rolled cones being completely flavorless and odorless, others are constantly seeking out interesting, mouth-watering cone flavors. But finding healthy flavored cones for weed or blunt cones is no easy task, unless of course, you’re privy to the magical ways of Cyclones Flavored Hemp Cones

Cyclones’ hemp cone collection is highly regarded as one of the top health-conscious lines of flavored smoking cones. Unlike other healthy smoking wraps that lack the rich flavors many people are searching for, Cyclones’ flavored hemp cones are triple dipped in soy-based flavoring. This helps their delicious flavors – such as Blueberry, Strawberry, and Sugar Cane – stand out amongst the competition. Choosing the health-conscious road doesn’t have to mean choosing the bland road – not with Cyclones flavored cones, at least. 


Futurola Blunt Cones

Futurola Blunt Cones

As we mentioned in the intro, blunt cones and wraps have traditionally been made from tobacco. But in recent years, people seem to have been genuinely listening to the constant doctors’ warnings about nicotine addiction and the harmful chemicals we inhale from burning tobacco. Thankfully, Futurola said “Let’s do something about that,” and created their incredible nicotine and tobacco-free pre-rolled blunt wraps

These pre-rolled blunt cones mimic the style of cone-shaped joints and the sweet, earthy flavors of real tobacco cigar wraps, but leave out all the negative things we’ve come to associate with tobacco and blunts in general. They’re the perfect healthy, thin blunt cones for those who enjoy the intertwining aromas and flavors of weed and tobacco but who are also trying to move away from tobacco and nicotine. 


OCB Virgin Pre Rolled Cones

OCB Virgin Pre Rolled Cones

Last but certainly not least, we simply had to give a shout-out to OCB’s Virgin Pre Rolled Cones. If you don’t know how to roll a cone joint and you’re trying to find a solid healthy option, these ones from OCB are some of the best pre-rolled cones on the market. They’re all-natural, unbleached, vegan, non-GMO, chlorine-free, bleach-free, and dye-free. Oh, and they use natural acacia gum for their reliable sealant lines, burn ultra-slow, and are resistant to tearing even though they’re on the thinner side. 

If that seemed like a lot of little details to take in, that’s because it was! OCB clearly didn’t cut any corners when devising these health-conscious, 100% wood fiber cones for weed. They’re a super light, warm tan translucent color and come with tips/filters included. As one of our favorite brands, we love that OCB makes healthy pre-rolled cones that we can include on this list. 

No matter what brand you choose, you can’t go wrong with any of the smoking cones on this list. But hopefully, there’s one that sticks out to you because they’re all so fantastic that even we have a hard time choosing our favorite!

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