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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Pre-Roll Machines: Top Picks for Price, Speed, Efficiency, and More 

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Pre-Roll Machines: Top Picks for Price, Speed, Efficiency, and More 

In the rapidly growing cannabis industry, efficiency and quality are key. That’s why investing in the best pre-roll machine is essential for any serious cannabis business. With numerous automatic pre-roll machines on the market, it can be challenging to choose the right one for your needs. We’ve done the research and compiled a list of the top pre-roll machines based on various categories, so you can find exactly what you want. Let’s dive into the world of the best cone filling machines and find the perfect pre-roll machine for your business!

Speed Up Pre-Roll Production With These Machines.

Best Overall: Futurola Knockbox


The Futurola Knockbox is our pick for the best overall pre-roll machine. Made by Futurola, this machine is known widely in the industry for its exceptional quality and ease of use, this automatic pre-roll machine is perfect for businesses of all sizes. With the ability to fill up to 100 pre-rolled cones in just two minutes, the Futurola Knockbox is a reliable and efficient option for streamlining your pre-roll production process. 


  • Rapid filling: The Futurola Knockbox boasts a filling rate of up to 100 cones in just two minutes, making it one of the fastest cone fillers on the market. 
  • Compatibility: This machine is compatible with various cone sizes, ranging from 84mm 1 ¼ size cones to 109mm king size cones. 
  • Precision filling: The Knockbox ensures that each cone is filled evenly and consistently, providing a high-quality end product. 
  • Easy maintenance: With a user-friendly design, the Futurola Knockbox is simple to clean and maintain, ensuring longevity and reliability. 


  • Fast and efficient 
  • Compatible with multiple cone sizes 
  • Consistent filling quality 
  • Low maintenance 
  • Industry standard 


  • Higher price point 

Don’t settle for less than the best; invest in the Futurola Knockbox, the best pre-rolled cone filling machine, and watch your business soar. Click here to learn more and purchase your Futurola Knockbox today! 


Best For Price: Humboldt Pre-Roll Machines


If you’re looking for the best pre-roll machine without breaking the bank, look no further than Humboldt cone filling machines. These affordable machines offer excellent value for money without compromising on quality or efficiency. 


  • Affordable pricing: Humboldt pre-roll machines are priced competitively, making them an ideal choice for businesses on a budget. 
  • Range of models: With various models available, you can choose the perfect machine to suit your specific needs and budget. 


  • Budget-friendly 
  • Various models to choose from 
  • Durable and reliable 
  • Great starter machine 


  • Slower filling rate compared to higher-priced machines 

Upgrade your pre-roll production without breaking the bank. Click here to explore our range of Humboldt pre-roll machines and find the best cone filler for your budget. 


Best for Speed/Efficiency: STM Rocketbox

STM Rocketbox

For businesses seeking the ultimate in speed and efficiency, the STM Rocketbox is the best pre-roll machine on the market. With the ability to fill up to 453 pre-rolled cones in just 60 seconds, this high-capacity machine will take your production to the next level. 


  • Unrivaled speed: The STM Rocketbox boasts an incredible filling rate of up to 453 cones per minute, making it the fastest automatic pre-roll machine available. 
  • Consistency: This machine ensures each cone is filled uniformly, delivering a consistent and high-quality product every time. 3. Customizable settings: The STM Rocketbox allows you to adjust the vibration settings to ensure optimal packing density for each cone size. 
  • Large capacity: With a spacious hopper, this machine can hold a significant amount of ground material, minimizing the need for frequent refills. 


  • Exceptional speed and efficiency 
  • Consistent filling quality 
  • Adjustable settings for optimal packing density 
  • Large material capacity 


  • Higher price point 
  • Larger, takes up more space 

Don’t let slow production hold you back. Invest in the STM Rocketbox, the best cone filling machine for speed and efficiency, and watch your business reach new heights. Click here to learn more about the STM Rocketbox and purchase yours today! 


Special Mention: King Kone Filling Machines


We couldn’t complete our list of the best pre-roll machines without mentioning the King Kone machines. These affordable machines offer great value for money and are perfect for small to medium-sized businesses. 


  • Budget-friendly: King Kone filling machines are priced affordably, making them an excellent option for businesses on a tight budget. 
  • Versatility: These machines are compatible with various pre-rolled cone sizes, allowing for diverse production options. 
  • Easy to use: The King Kone filling machines feature a user-friendly design, making them simple to operate and maintain. 
  • Compact design: With a small footprint, these machines are perfect for businesses with limited space. 


  • Affordable pricing 
  • Compatible with different cone sizes 
  • Easy to use and maintain 
  • Compact design to save space 
  • Variety of colors available 


  • Slower filling rate compared to higher-priced machines 
  • Not ideal for large-scale production 

Get the best value for your money with the King Kone filling machines. Click here to explore our selection of King Kone filling machines and find the perfect fit for your budget and production needs. 

The Importance of Investing In a Quality Pre-Roll Machine 

The importance of investing in a quality pre-roll machine cannot be overstated, as it directly impacts the efficiency, consistency, and reputation of your cannabis business. A high-quality machine will not only streamline your production process but also ensure uniformity in the filling and packing of each pre-rolled cone. This consistency translates to a better user experience for your customers, enhancing their satisfaction and loyalty to your brand. Furthermore, a reliable and durable pre-roll machine minimizes downtime and maintenance costs, boosting your business's overall profitability. By choosing the best pre-roll machine for your needs, you're setting your cannabis venture up for long-term success, solidifying your place in the competitive and rapidly growing industry. 


Getting the best pre-roll machine for your business is crucial for ensuring efficiency, consistency, and quality. With options ranging from the best overall Futurola Knockbox to the budget-friendly Humboldt pre-roll machines and the lightning-fast STM Rocketbox, there's a perfect solution for every need. And let's not forget the King Kone filling machines, which offer an excellent balance between affordability and performance. 

No matter your budget or production needs, you'll find the ideal automatic pre-roll machine in our comprehensive guide. Remember to consider factors such as speed, efficiency, and compatibility with various pre-rolled cones and pre-roll packaging when making your choice. Additionally, don't forget the importance of accessories like industrial weed grinders to ensure an optimal workflow. 

Now that you've explored the best cone filling machines on the market, it's time to take your business to the next level. Choose the right machine for your needs and watch your production process become smoother, more efficient, and more profitable. 

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