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Twax Joints: What Are They and How Do You Roll One?

Twax Joints: What Are They and How Do You Roll One?

The cannabis community is not short of ingenious ways to consume the herb. Twax joint, also known as wax joint, is among the latest and most innovative ways to smoke marijuana. If you feel like regular joints no longer get you as high as they used to, then the wax joint might be your ticket to a truly elevated high. These products are ultra-potent and guarantee the high-induced satisfaction you’re looking for, whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned smoker. 

What is a Twax Joint?

Twax joints are essentially standard joints rolled with wax or other marijuana concentrates. The concentrates can be on the tip, inside, or outside the joint filled with dry herbs. Adding this extra layer of potency allows users to experience a more intense and flavorful high.

Inside vs. Outside: Where Does the Wax Go?

One of the main questions consumers have when making a twax blunt is whether to put the wax outside or inside of a blunt.

Inside the Blunt or Joint: Integrating the wax within the joint allows for an even distribution of the concentrate, ensuring a consistent experience from the first puff to the last. To do this, one would spread the wax thinly over the weed before rolling.

Outside the Blunt or Joint: For those who prefer a visual spectacle, drizzling or wrapping the concentrate on the outside makes the wax joint look unique and appealing. However, be prepared for a bit of a mess, as the wax will melt when ignited.

Rolling the Perfect Twax Joint

The process of making a twax pre-roll may seem intimidating for people who are still learning how to roll a joint. While it may require some skill, making these pre-rolls is not as complex as rolling a cross joint. It only requires mastering a few simple steps:

Preparation: Grind your cannabis using a weed grinder to ensure an even consistency.

Selecting the Paper: Choose the right joint papers for the weed. Given that twax joints burn slower due to the wax, it’s advisable to use thicker papers to prevent runs and maintain an even burn.

Filter Insertion: For a smoother smoking experience, insert a joint filter at the end of the joint.

Wax Placement: Decide whether you want your wax inside or outside the joint. If inside, spread the wax over your ground cannabis. If outside, you can wrap or drizzle the wax after rolling the joint.

Twax Joint Variations and Other Enhancements

Beyond the basic twax joint, cannabis enthusiasts have explored various means to further enhance their smoking experience. Some incorporate different types of wax dabs, ranging from shatter to crumble, offering varied textures and flavors. Others have ventured into the realm of infused joints, adding other cannabis extracts like terpenes for added aroma and effect.

Final Thoughts

Twax undoubtedly offers an elevated cannabis experience. By combining the traditional act of smoking a joint with the potent punch of wax concentrates, users are in for a treat. Whether you’re a seasoned smoker looking for a change or a newbie wanting to experience the zenith of cannabis consumption, twax promises a journey worth embarking on. The enhanced flavors, potent effects, and sheer novelty make it a must-try for every cannabis fanatic.

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