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What Are RYO Cigarettes & Joints?

What Are RYO Cigarettes & Joints?

Roll Your Own, or RYO as it’s more commonly known, refers to the practice of self-assembling cigarettes or joints. This term encompasses both tobacco and cannabis products. RYO has been gathering steam as more individuals prefer to create smoking experiences tailored to their preferences. But what are RYO cigarettes and joints? Our guide explores everything you should know about RYO joints and cigarettes to help new consumers better understand these products. 

What Are RYO Cigarettes?

Essentially, RYO cigarettes refer to handcrafted cigarettes where the smoker manually combines loose tobacco and rolling papers to create a cigarette that fits their liking. Unlike commercial cigarettes, which are pre-rolled and typically contain a mixture of tobacco and additives, RYO cigarettes grant the smoker more control over what goes into their cigarette. 

They can choose the type and amount of tobacco and the kind of paper they use. Similarly, they can choose whether to use plain, custom branded rolling papers or flavored papers to add a different dimension to the experience. Moreover, you can even choose to include a filter for your joints, helping to minimize potential harm from smoke inhalation. 

Navigating the World of RYO Joints

Shifting our focus from tobacco to cannabis, we land on RYO joints. This term is often used interchangeably with RYO weed, RYO cannabis, or RYO marijuana. All these terms point to one action: rolling your own joint.

RYO marijuana joints allow cannabis consumers to tailor their experience like RYO cigarettes. The smoker determines the amount and strain of cannabis they want to use, which can provide a more personalized smoking experience.

Choosing the perfect joint papers is an essential part of this process. There is an extensive selection available, from thin rice papers for a more subtle flavor to flavored papers that can add a tasty twist to your smoking session. These options help individuals to find their preferred balance between the flavor of the paper and that of the cannabis itself.

The Allure of RYO

The appeal of RYO, whether in the context of tobacco or cannabis, lies in the customization and control it provides. Smokers can modify each component to their liking, from the blend and amount of tobacco or cannabis to the thickness and flavor of the paper. Consequently, this makes RYO a particularly appealing choice for seasoned smokers and those keen on a tailored experience. 

Moreover, brands have been quick to respond to this trend. Now, you can find everything from plain to custom branded rolling papers and filters designed specifically for joints. These add-ons make the process more straightforward and add a unique personal touch to each RYO cigarette or joint.

Final Thoughts

RYO cigarettes and joints are all about personalization. They offer an unparalleled level of control, enabling you to decide the strength, flavor, and even aesthetics of your smoking experience. From selecting a preferred tobacco or cannabis strain to choosing your favorite rolling papers, RYO provides an immersive, customized journey for every smoker.

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