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What Is Bubble Hash?

What Is Bubble Hash?

Concentrates and extracts are abundant these days, from goopy, sticky oils to highly potent waxes. However, before retailers began having concentrates in various forms, hash became one of the most widely available worldwide. Hash is known for its high potency, which provides a euphoric and relaxing feeling when consumed. Its history dates back to 1123 CE in Middle Eastern and South Asian countries, where it remains part of spiritual traditions.

Hash isn’t monolithic, though. There’s a variety of different types available from across the world. Each relies on its own production methods, but today, we will focus on bubble hash. Bubble hash uses ice water to break off the resin gland from the flowers to a kief-looking substance. Unfamiliar smokers might confuse bubble hash for what kief is, though they aren’t the same. The resin gland hosts an array of desirable cannabis compounds like THC and CBD, which provide a vibrant and euphoric buzz when consumed. Smokers commonly praise bubble hash as superior to dry hash due to the flavors and the high that comes with it.

How To Make Bubble Hash

Bubble hash is a reference to the method of producing the final product. Regular hash is made from the resin from the plant. With a sift, the crystals from the bud are separated from the plant material before being pressed into blocks. This type of hash is one of the most popular, especially since it can be smoked and orally ingested. Bubble hash, however, is made with the use of ice water. The flower are placed in bags of ice water called ‘bubble bags.’ From there, it’s agitated until it’s frozen. At this point, the trichomes will easily break off through the sifting process to produce a softer, less dense product.

The “bubble bags,” primarily made from vinyl, also must be layered from the biggest to finest macron screen. This process allows the production of a more refined product that leaves behind any of the plant material used. Once there has been enough agitation, the cannabis and ice water should be removed from the top bag. The second bag will have abundant material that needs to be scraped. After scraping the matter out, you’ll have to invert the second bag carefully until it’s submerged in the water of the bag underneath it. This practice will continue the process of agitation. This process will continue until you achieve to obtain all of the trichomes. Afterward, it must be pressed under a micron screen or cotton muslin cloth, which will dry out your bubble hash.

Bubble Hash Equipment

  • Bubble bag set (4 to 8 5-gallon [19L] bags)
  • Three sanitized plastic bucks (5-gallon [19L])
  • 25-micron filter cloths
  • Wooden spoon or pole
  • Butter knife (to scrape hash)
  • Highly absorbent towels
  • Water hose
  • Turkey bags
  • Wire rack
  • Safe gloves with heat-resistant property
  • Bottle of hot water
  • Proper cannabis packaging for storage.

Where Does Bubble Get Its Name?

Bubble hash doesn’t get its name through its products but rather through how it burns. Once a flame touches the hash, it often bubbles through the flame rather than turn to ash. Bubble hash can also range from dark brown to light blonde.

Is Bubble Hash Better Than Regular Hash?

Most people who enjoy hash will concur that Bubble Hash is superior. It’s far more potent and flavorful, providing a bit more versatility compared to a dry hash. Many prefer bubble hash to regular hash because the production process highlights the natural terpenes. Meanwhile, the high is incredibly strong, so it takes some bubble hash to feel the effects. 

Hash enthusiasts rate the quality of bubble hash on a one-to-six-star scale. “Full melt” hash refers to the purity of the bubble hash, which goes through the ice water extraction process for its creation. Because of the filtration in the extraction process, you’ll have minimal plant materials in the final product. Though bubble hash comes in various shades, it is typically better quality and far purer when it’s in a light blonde color. Darker colors indicate a less refined bubble hash. Traditional hash usually contains a THC percentage of 50%, while bubble hash can be as high as 60% if full melt. 

To maintain the integrity of the product, we highly recommend properly storing the bubble hash. Some have agreed that freezing is the best method to preserve cannabinoids, while others believe bubble hash needs a dark, cool place where light or oxygen won’t affect its potency. 

Is Bubble Hash Good For Smoking?

There are a few ways to consume bubble hash, but the most popular would be through smoking. A small hash pipe will undoubtedly do the trick, though we highly recommend using a filtering mesh in the bowl. Additionally, there are Kol pipes that are explicitly intended for bubble hash. However, add some bubble hash to your joint if you don’t want to use a pipe.

While smoking remains the most popular method of consuming bubble hash, it’s also possible to dab a piece of it. However, it requires only the purest bubble hash to work. Similarly, placing it in a vaporizer is also effective, though it requires a full melt bubble hash broken down into small pieces. 

Finally, bubble hash can be used for cooking and creating potent edibles. Sprinkle it into your recipe or add it to a tea. Medical patients prefer this method rather than smoking or vaping.

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