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Marijuana Packaging’s Favorite Products of 2018

Marijuana Packaging’s Favorite Products of 2018

Everyone’s doing their top 10 lists for 2018, but we decided to try something different this year. Instead of giving you one person’s top 10, we asked 10 of Marijuana Packaging’s employees to choose their favorite products of the year. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the products hit the market in 2018. For many of the picks on the list, the products were either new to the individual or simply an old favorite that got a lot of use over the year.

multi piece glycerin bong

David M. (Shipping): I’ll go with the 2-Piece Water Pipe with glycerin attachment for a few reasons. First, it’s always good to have cool hits and the glycerin attachments guarantees that. Second, it breaks down into individual pieces which keeps it easy to clean and maintain. Lastly, since you can break it down, if you break a piece, you only need to replace the piece and not the whole bong.

smell proof stash case with bong cleaner

Cesar M. (Customs): It’s hard to pick just one. I’d say this smell safe case because it keeps my pipe safe and secure, keeps my stash from smelling, and keeps everything organized. I also choose Grunge Off Cleaner because it’s the best cleaner I’ve used. No chemical smell, no residue, and very easy to use on both flower and dab pipes.

Elizabeth O. (Marketing): The G-2 Vape Pen is super affordable and works just like the expensive pens. It’s super customizable and heats up pretty quickly while charging super-fast. The charge on this thing lasts a long time. You can adjust the temperature levels, which is super helpful if you want smooth hits, so I can get lit. It’s travel-friendly and discreet.

orange chronic bong cleaner

Jason H. (Accounting): Orange Chronic Cleaner, without a doubt. I had this really old bong that I didn’t event want to touch; it was just coated in all kinds of nasty grime and gunk. I was just going to buy a new one but then Jesus (Showroom Manager) told me to just try Orange Chronic Cleaner. It just cleaned it so f*cking well. After 5 minutes, it looked like brand new!

arizer extreme q tabletop vaporizer

Seth S. (Marketing): I switched to vaping this year because I’ve always had lung problems and wanted a healthier experience. I decided to start with the Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer because I’d read a bunch of reviews stating that it offers great quality for the price. I bought mine back in May and I haven’t gone back since. People warned me that vaping wouldn’t have the same impact as smoking, but that hasn’t been the case for me. The Arizer effectively vaporizes the herb; no combustion whatsoever. And even though it’s not technically a portable vape, I still bring it around to friends’ houses. I also live in an apartment building, so I appreciate how discreet it is.

black glass marijuana jar with ccell vape cart

Robert D. (Sales): For me, it would be a tie between the glossy black marijuana jars and the CCELL cartridges. I loved the black glass jars because they were such a unique take on the classic packaging. The CCELLs also offered a new take on vape cartridges with smoother draws. You can't go wrong with that! I also wanted to add that I am most grateful this year for our company president Brian. He’s been so tremendous to everyone here on the sales floor and has really educated us while showing that he sincerely cares about our team.

g-pen dry herb portable vaporizer

Cynthia P. (Marketing): The G-Pen Elite Herbal Vaporizer is one of my favorite gadgets! Evenly heats up and is super convenient. I’m a big fan of the LED display. I like the different temperature setting to ensure you get a smooth hit. It doesn’t even take a long time to heat up like other ones I have tried. It also charges pretty quickly when you connect to a 2 amp charging block.

crafty portable vaporizer

Josh W. (Marketing): Several years ago, I stopped combusting, so I wanted a portable vaporizer that can deliver the same quality as my tabletop vaporizer at home. And the Crafty vaporizer doesn’t disappoint. I take it everywhere.

grav labs stax bong assembly

Jesus R. (Showroom): The Grav Labs Stax because it’s everything you want…no matter what you want. I’m really picky and always need the perfect kit. The Stax lets you exchange out different chambers, so you can have whatever you want, when you want it. The cooling glycerin and coil perc attachments work fantastic. You can even use the attachments to convert it to an oil rig. My favorite set up is definitely the beaker bottom.

ccell palm battery with high hemp blunt wrap

Chris S. (Receiving): It’s a tie between the CCELL Palm battery and High Hemp Wraps. The CCELL Palm pulls really smooth drags. I really like the flavor of the High Hemp Wraps. They’re easy to roll and don’t hit too harsh.


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