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5 Non-Health Reasons People Switch Over to Herb Vaporizers

5 Non-Health Reasons People Switch Over to Herb Vaporizers
5 Non-Health Reasons People Switch Over to Herb Vaporizers It seems like 9 times out of 10, when someone decides to switch over to vaping, they say that they’re doing it for health reasons. There have been studies done into the health impact of smoking cannabis that indicate combustion produces over 100 toxins with some noted as carcinogenic. Vaping is largely considered a means of consuming marijuana while bypassing those toxins but the science is still considered incomplete. This hasn’t stopped a lot of cannabis smokers from trading in their water pipes for herb vaporizers but health isn’t the only reason they’re making the switch. In fact, some are turning to vaping for completely different reasons altogether.

1. Extra Wake with Your Bake

vaping often more attractive to professionals and those who like to remain active
One of the top non-health-related reasons for opting to vape instead of smoke is that herb vaporizers are said to deliver psychoactive effects while allowing the user to retain a distinct sense of clarity and alertness. This is perfect for medical marijuana users who need to work or recreational users who want to remain active and creative. Aside from the army of anecdotal evidence, a legitimate study was done into medical marijuana users who reported that they felt more functional after vaping as opposed to smoking. There are a lot of extraneous factors at play including strain types, personal response, and even herb vaporizers allowing users to take shallow, more comfortable breaths. Yet, it seems likely based on the few studies and the wealth of personal experiences that the high resulting from vaping is less muddled and disorienting.

2. Get the Full Power from Your Flower or Concentrates

Herb vaporizers are also noted to deliver more from less, efficiently getting the most out of your flower or concentrates. A 2014 study revealed that, when vaping, users experienced heightened effect with the same amount of cannabis that they had been used to smoking. Patients have also expressed greater efficiency from vaping over edibles. The vaporization process so thoroughly extracts the pure essential oils of the cannabis that some users reported they were using half the amount of marijuana with equal results.

3. Taking the Guesswork Out of Dosage

difficult to determine dosage in homemade edibles
Whether used medicinally or recreationally, edibles can be unpredictable and estimating dosage in homemade edibles can be tricky. When you eat an edible, the effects of the cannabis take longer to hit you because they are being absorbed through your stomach as opposed to your lungs. This sometimes leads to people eating more edibles than they can actually handle. Anyone using medical marijuana for pain may prefer vaping because the reaction time, as with smoking marijuana, is nearly instantaneous. A quick reaction time helps with dosing and decent herb vaporizers allow you to regulate dosage even more easily.

4. Herb Vaporizers Let You Savor the Flavor

Many vape enthusiasts will tell you that a good wax vaporizer will deliver unparalleled flavor. There is no denying that vaping adds a sense of purity to the taste because it’s obviously undiluted by smoke. Vaping high flavor concentrates like terp sauce further heightens this effect. Herb vaporizers that work with flower will still deliver pronounced taste but this will deteriorate as more and more of the essential oils are vaporized from the flower whereas you won’t run into this problem with concentrates. However, some people actually enjoy the taste of the smoke as opposed to the clarity of the vapor so it largely comes down to a matter of preference. It’s worth noting that a 2014 study revealed that a group of subjects who both smoked and vaped largely agreed that vaping resulted in improved flavor.

5. Two Ways that Vaping is More Discrete

herbal vaporizers are less conspicuous than smoke which clings to clothes and hair
While the more expensive tabletop herb vaporizers are pretty much contained to your home or apartment, portable vaporizers and vape pens offer yet another perk: discretion. Most portable vaporizers are fairly inconspicuous. But there is a way that both tabletop and portable vape models are equally discrete; they don’t give up that telltale cannabis smoke smell. Your clothing and hair won’t smell like cannabis if you opt for vaping instead of smoking. For those of us that want to keep our cannabis use firmly in our private lives, vaping is a much safer option. Smoking will always have its proponents but it’s clear to see that some marijuana enthusiasts prefer vaping for more than health benefits. From the clarity and efficiency provided by high end herb vaporizers to the inconspicuousness of sleek wax pens, vaping offers people different features that can appeal to their preferences. And when it comes to cannabis, more choices are definitely a good thing.

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