Are You Using an Oil Syringe for Your Concentrates?

Are You Using an Oil Syringe for Your Concentrates? | Marijuana Packaging

If you’re trying to measure out a specific dosage of cannabis oil, no other tool is as easy to use or as precise as an oil syringe, also called a dab syringe. However, negative connotations and fears surrounding syringes often result in people adopting less efficient means of measuring cannabis oil dosages. More often than not, this can lead to inaccurate dosing. Much of this comes down to a lack of familiarity with how to use a dab syringe. So today, we hope to set the record straight on the oil syringe’s many benefits and safety features.

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Why Use an Oil Syringe?

Whether you’re working with a large or small volume of cannabis oil, there’s a dab syringe out there for you. There is such a vast variety of oil syringe models on the market that you’ll have no trouble finding one that can accommodate your needs. Many patients require a very specific dosage of cannabis oil, so most oil syringes have measurement indicators displayed on the side of the body to make the process easier. Oil syringes are also ideal for making sure none of your precious medicine goes to waste. With most dab containers, harvesting all of the oil can be a challenge. Whereas an oil syringe employs a plunger that makes sure you can squeeze out every last drop of your valuable concentrates.

Do You Need to Use an Applicator?

In most circumstances, an oil syringe will not come with a metal applicator. Depending on how you’re using your cannabis oil, an applicator may not be necessary. But if you came here with questions like “Can you dab distillate from a syringe?” and “How to use distillate syringe applicators for dabbing” then you definitely need a metal applicator for that. You can squeeze your oil directly into your hot banger/nail from an oil syringe with a heat-approved metal applicator only. Oils can sometimes clog metal applicators which can be a hassle, not to mention cost you a bit of your oil. However, some people feel the minor loss of oil is a fair deal for the improved control offered by a metal applicator, especially when working with extremely hot dab nails.

The Premium Quality of a Luer Lock Syringe

Luer lock syringes are particularly adept at precisely dispensing oils as well as ensuring you get every single drop of the oil you paid for. It all comes down to their innovative design, which consists of well-fitted connecting parts that remain leak-free. Preventing leaks is vital when working with cannabis oil, so the miniscule fluid fittings that connect a Luer lock syringe are equally vital to the design’s success. Luer lock mechanics are widely employed in all manner of medical devices but the benefits of the design really stand out when applied to a syringe. Aside from the male/female interlocking pieces that contribute to the leak-free transfer of oil, Luer lock syringe models come in medical grade borosilicate glass that is fairly easy to clean when compared to syringes crafted from other materials. You can also find Luer lock syringes with measurements to help you dole out the right portion of oil. The state-of-the-art construction of the Luer lock syringe also makes it airtight which is crucial when working with cannabis oil. Plus, if you’re worried about how to open a distillate syringe, the Luer lock syringes are an excellent choice - they’re incredibly user friendly on top of being incredibly secure.

Aversion to Needles

Before we launch into this section, we want to make one thing extremely, abundantly clear: cannabis oil syringe needles are NOT for injecting into/through the skin. Do not attempt to do so.

It’s common for people, whether using cannabis oil medically or recreationally, to express a hesitation in using an oil syringe due to negative connotations surrounding the administration of drugs with needles; particularly heroin. Aside from the negative public image of recreational uses of syringes, there’s also common personal fears of needles, whether linked to a drug or not. It’s important to keep in mind that the metal needle so often associated with these and other, medical syringes is not mandatory when using a THC oil syringe. As stated above, an oil syringe will typically not include a needle with purchase. A needle is a tool designed to make using a syringe easier. You retain the choice to use your oil syringe without a needle. So, there’s really no reason to fear the oil syringe, especially if you’re opting for needle-free use. Using a syringe is a great way to get the most from your oil supply, not to mention the most accurate way to measure a dose. If you’re using Luer lock syringe models, you can also count on a leak-free experience. Many dispensaries actually sell cannabis oil in syringes, so we may see their popularity increase with legalization. As social stigmas associated with syringes are being tackled, it may not be too long before the oil syringe is the widely accepted gold standard for cannabis oil administration.

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