Best Marijuana Strains for the Rookie Grower

Growing marijuana can be a true art. For beginners starting out, the process may seem daunting. This is a list of recommended strains, starting from the easiest to the hardest varieties. You may undergo some trial and error but learning to grow your own buds is a reward worth working towards.

Start Simple with Auto Flowering Seeds
These are by far one of the best marijuana strains for beginners to grow. Usually light plays a very important role in the development of your plant. They need 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness every day. Auto flowering strains will flower regardless of their light schedule. They also have a faster harvest time, usually between 2 to 3 months after the seeds are planted. This makes them the fastest harvesting plant available. They generally have a higher CBD content, making them a relaxing, stress relieving variety. It’s always important to pay attention to these plants in the first 6 weeks to ensure that they will flower well.

Northern Lights: One of the Best Marijuana Strains for Resilience
This is one of the best marijuana strains for a beginner to grow because it is strong and bounces back from problems with ease. It’s a short strain, which makes it easier to hide and it has a fast harvest time. It also has a low odor, once again making it good for those who are looking to keep plants out of sight. Its effects are potent and it’s a strain that has won many awards for this reason.

Space is the Place with Utopia Haze
If you have the space, this strain is easy to grow and produces massive yields. Its buds contain 22 percent THC, making it a truly euphoric Sativa strain. It’s only drawback is how big and tall it can get.

Jack Herer: The Next level
The strain is by Sensi Seeds and is sometimes referred to as the “champagne of strains”. It’s a powerful strain that blends the uplifting, slightly psychedelic effects of Sativa strains, with the relaxing, heavy body effects of the Indica strains. It’s a strain for beginners that are ready to take the next step as it requires careful attention during the growing process and the yield is only average but the final product is worth the extra effort.

Sour Diesel for the More Experienced New Grower
The Original Sour Diesel by The Cali Connection is considered one of the best marijuana strains. It’s an award winning favorite amongst marijuana enthusiasts. It has a sativa background and produces powerful mind altering effects that last for a long time. The qualities of the high are dreamy, energizing and uplifting. Stress and pain vanish under its influence. It is a very particular strain that demands extra care to grow it but if you’ve mastered Jack Herer, it should be no issue. The plant is stretchy and needs to be topped on a regular basis to get the largest yield. It can potentially grow over double its size after the flowering stage has begun and care needs to be taken to ensure that the stems stay secure. It grows better in warmer weather and has the ability to produce a large yield.

Every strain is different and will require you to pay attention to different aspects so be sure to do your research before planting your seeds. Be sure to keep detailed grow journals and don’t get too hung up on mistakes; they’re how we learn to be master growers!

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