Best Places to Smoke Weed While Enjoying Nature are 420 Friendly Campsites

Best Places to Smoke Weed While Enjoying Nature are 420 Friendly Campsites
Best Places to Smoke Weed While Enjoying Nature are 420 Friendly Campsites When it comes to the great outdoors, smoking marijuana seems entirely natural. It’s a plant that’s been used for thousands of years with a ton of medicinal properties. But even out in the wilderness, it’s best to be aware of what laws you might accidentally break if you’re not careful. It’s still illegal to smoke on federal land and, if caught, you could wind up getting a fine or worse, depending on who catches you. In all states where marijuana is legal, you are only permitted to consume it in the privacy of your home or on private property. That’s what makes these 420 friendly sites so exciting and some of the best places to smoke weed. These hot spots provide marijuana enthusiasts with a way of enjoying the most beautiful wildlife with the freedom to light up and enjoy. Recreational marijuana has been legal in Washington, Colorado and Oregon for some time now, allowing the states time to create 420 friendly campsites that also just happen to be some of the best places to smoke weed.

Living the High Life in the Colorado Outdoors

best places to smoke weed while camping in colorado

Bud and Breakfast San Juan National Forest, Pagosa Springs

This is a beautiful camping site that comes with an organic continental breakfast. As a bonus, this place has a happy hour between 4:20 and 6:20 PM where the finest selection of buds and marijuana infused extracts can be selected.

CanyonSide Campground, Fort Collins

This family owned location is right amongst the beautiful scenery at Poudre Canyon alongside the beautiful Cache La Poudre River. Activities include kayaking, fly fishing, horseback riding and white water rafting.

Lake San Cristobol

This location is only 3 miles from Lake City. The camping sites are located along the east side of Lake San Cristobal, Colorado’s beautiful and second largest lake.

The Best Places to Smoke Weed Outside in Washington

scenic views and smoking marijuana in washington

Leavenworth / Pine Village KOA

This spot is at the foot of the Cascade Mountains amongst gorgeous grassy meadows, pine trees and wildflowers. It’s an active area where activities include outdoor movies, a playground, pool and hot tub and bike rentals. They also host Summer Theater, Maifest and Oktoberfest.

Willaby on Lake Quinault, SW Olympic Peninsula

This 420 friendly location is hidden away in a mossy forest near the south shore of Lake Quinault. You can enjoy the lake and take in the scenery at this quiet camping spot.

Kachess Lake, East of Snoqualmie Pass

This site is much more bustling and active than the last location, close to Seattle and attended by many groups. It’s a family friendly place, right on Kachess Lake; great for swimming and family fun.

Water Sports and Water Pipes in Oregon

lake selmac is host to smoke on the water

Lake Selmac Resort in Selma

This 420 friendly spot has been recently branded Smoke on the Water. Right on Lake Selmac, it is filled with water based activities such as paddle and motor boats and kayaks. As you can see, vacationing at a 420 friendly campsite gives you the best of all worlds. These truly are the best places to smoke weed. You can enjoy your cannabis while taking in all the glorious wonders that nature can provide.

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