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Burning Ganja Myths: Jamaican Health Officials Launch Campaign On Marijuana Education

Burning Ganja Myths: Jamaican Health Officials Launch Campaign On Marijuana Education

Jamaica’s Ministry of Health and Wellness (MOH) officially launched the “Good Ganja Sense” campaign on Monday to educate the public about marijuana and debunk any misconceptions about the plant, as reported by Marijuana Moment

“We are in a digital world where people are finding information for themselves, and the information may be false, or it very well may be true, depending on where they go,” Former Olympic athlete and current State Minister in MOH Juliet Cuthbert-Flynn said during the launch of the campaign’s website. “Ganja will no longer be underpinned by what has been passed down through oral traditions and old tales, but fact-based information that is now available at the fingertips.”

The Good Ganja Sense website has different sections to help raise awareness about marijuana in Jamaica. The site also provides articles to learn more about marijuana. 

The informational ganja website also goes into detail about breaking down the following cannabis myths:

  • Cannabis is harmless.
  • Cannabis makes users are lazy and unmotivated.
  • Cannabis lowers sperm count.
  • Cannabis is a gateway drug.
  • Is it possible to overdose on cannabis?
  • Smoking cannabis can cause lung cancer.

The site cites credible sources such as Healthline and uses the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) data.

“But now, with science and technology combined, Jamaica now has in its arsenal a resource that puts into context legislation, medical information, and an overall evidence-based dialogue that can change the attitudes and behaviors that Jamaicans have towards ganja,” Cuthbert-Flynn said. 

Besides the user-friendly website, the Good Ganja Sense campaign also included bus ads informing people to “burn ganja myths” and “go with the science.”

The campaign is also active on social media, where it has released educational clips and even came up with a catchy little song to promote ganja awareness. 

Although the marijuana plant is deeply enmeshed in Jamaican culture, it is technically still illegal, although personal consumption is allowed for religious, therapeutic, or scientific purposes.

Ganja is another common name for cannabis that is widely used in Jamaica, where locals partake in smoking sessions using their favorite hemp wraps. The Caribbean island is one of the best destinations for a cannabis-themed vacation.

Last July, the Congressional Black Caucus sent a letter to President Biden asking him to reverse marijuana deportation cases for U.S. veterans sent to Jamaica

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