Cannabis Concentrates 101: The Golden Guide To The Different Types of Concentrates

Cannabis Concentrates 101: The Golden Guide To The Different Types of Concentrates

As the world of cannabis continues to grow and evolve, different types of concentrates are surfacing the scene and taking the smoking standard to new high-ts. Knowing the basics helps cannabis consumers get a feel for what they are looking for when it comes to truly enjoying their own personal smoking experience. Each concentrate has its own unique qualities whether it be how it’s produced/extracted, its levels of purity, consistency, and/or preferred method of consumption. 

This quick guide delves into the most popular types of THC concentrates so you can get the  low down on all you need to know when it comes to types of dabs you will encounter at the counter of your local dispensary. That way you will know what you are looking for and the best option out there for you! Smoking concentrates is such a special way to spoil yourself, so whether you are looking for full-spectrum flavor, all-natural highs, or the perfect wax concentrate types for your dab rigs we’ve got you covered. 

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Different Types Of Wax Dabs: The World of Wax and Extracts

Wax- Easily the most common form of concentrate on the market with its name gifted to itself due to its wax-like consistency. When considering different kinds of wax the appearance in color can vary rather dramatically depending on both the quality of cannabis used and extraction methods. Also referred to as “budder” and known for its championing means of savoring and preserving terpene profiles, it is a shock that most types of wax provide the least expensive of options as far as concentrates are concerned. 

Sticky in nature, you will usually find that the most effective storage method for wax is silicone dab containers. Wax is the ultimate “dabbing” concentrate, though it can be hard to work with without the right tools and equipment. Check out this simple setup of the essentials, so you can get started smoking different kinds of dabs… 

•    Glass Dab Rig 

•    Quartz Banger Nails

•    Dab Torch

•    Dabber/Dab Pick

•    Carb Cap


Moving on to the most popular of the types of cannabis concentrates and naturally known for offering the best price-to-potency ratio on the market is shatter. Shatter has a clear glass-like appearance, with an orange or yellow hue. Considering that this type of wax is as malleable as taffy it is most easily and commonly stored in non-stick parchment papers

When looking to purchase different kinds of dabs, such as shatter a key indicator of their quality is in the color. By using THC extraction solvents links** such as Butane and CO2, this concentrate will produce a translucent honey-like hue ensuring the consumer it is of the purest and high of quality. Alternatively, shatter with a darker brownish tint consists of more impurities and is usually considered a lower quality product. Keep an eye out for that translucent golden shatter for the cleanest hits, this product is one of the most plentiful and popular types of cannabis concentrates on the market, so you are sure to find shatter worth your while. 


We now arrive at the most potent of the cannabis concentrates, distillate. Some distillates come in at THC potency levels as high as 99% whereas shatters and waxes normally range from 40%-70% THC. Most distillates are rather viscous in consistency, so using the appropriate concentrate containers is important to keep your product fresh and readily available for use. Distillate is not well known for its flavor or terpene profiles after undergoing extraction therefore many extractors and concentrate companies will actually add terpenes post-refinement process. 

The intense refinement process for distillate strips many components from the cannabis flower but retains a vast majority of the plants’ coveted cannabinoids. This factor actually makes distillate insanely versatile. Known for being one of the most commonly produced types of cannabis oil due to its versatility it is not only consumed solo, using a dab rig or vape pen, but distillate is a great base for edibles and other cannabis products on the market as well. 


Let it be known that while all distillates are cannabis oils, not all oils are distillates. Cannabis oil is usually consumed through vaping or dabbing and comes in quite a few forms. There are different solvents used when creating different types of cannabis concentrates. For example, the Butane extraction method can make Butane hash oil (BHO) which has very high THC potency levels. BHO can then be used in the production of certain concentrates listed above, such as shatter and wax. Different cannabis oils are great for vape pens and needleless syringes and vary due to extraction methods. 


Rosin is known as the most natural and handcrafted cannabis concentrate. There is no use of solvents in the extraction process of rosin, just applied heat and pressure to the cannabis flower itself. Due to its simple and safe extraction method, this concentrate can be made at home. Rosin is rich in both cannabinoids and terpenes and is sometimes referred to as solventless hash oil (SHO). Thick in consistency with a honey-like hue, consumers usually prefer this concentrate due to its lack of chemical processing. 

Live Resin

Live resin is one of the most uniquely curated different types of dabs on the market due to its extraction method. The plethora of cannabinoids, terpene profiles, and aromas coming from this full-spectrum concentrate is unmatched. Live resin is produced using live plants fresh off the stalks that are then flash frozen as opposed to cannabis that has undergone the drying and curing process. 

This cannabis extract is best stored in glass concentrate jars that show off its vibrant golden liquid form, keep it as fresh as possible, and easily accessible to use and transport. Live resin is easily the most pungent and flavorful of the concentrates. As a newcomer to the concentrate game, this product uses a top-of-the-line extraction method that makes its more expensive price tag worth every penny. 

Though the list goes on…

These expertly selected different kinds of wax concentrates are currently the “top dogs” in the dabbing community. Whether you are looking for the best price-to-potency ratio, extreme aromatic flavor, or simply wanting to know how to differentiate the basics when it comes to concentrates use this guide to help you explore the world of THC extracts. 

All holding their own unique consistency, potency levels, consumption, and extraction methods cannabis concentrates are becoming insanely versatile. It is important to narrow down the basics, so you can find exactly what it is you are looking for to curate that perfect smoking experience as an individual, producer, grower, and entrepreneur. Knowledge is power, so get out there and learn firsthand exactly what cannabis concentrates have to offer.

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