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Cannabis Seeds vs. Clones: Pros and Cons

Cannabis Seeds vs. Clones: Pros and Cons

In the world of cannabis cultivation comes so much room for growth, creativity, and learning. When we think about getting started we have two options: clones and seeds. The method at which you choose to begin the process of growing cannabis is truly up to  personal preference, your environment, timing, and the pros and cons of each. Let this article serve as your go-to guide to deciding what method works best for you and your grow! 

Advantages of Growing Cannabis from Seeds v.s Clones

Genetic Diversity

The genetic variety of cannabis grown from seeds is a noteworthy benefit. It’s interesting to note that every cannabis seed has its own genetic makeup that enables the plant to vividly exhibit various characteristics, from flavor to potency. This allows growers the opportunity to create, which can be exciting for those who enjoy experimenting with various strains and phenotypes. Growing from seed offers so many possibilities, whether the grower wants to boost potency, create new strains through crossbreeding, or develop tastes with potent fragrances.  

Better Resistance to Pests and Diseases

Cannabis seeds are more often than not more resistant to pests and diseases than clones! This is simply because they have not yet been exposed to stressors that could weaken the plants overall health. That being the case, they are less likely to develop unwanted issues like mold and powdery mildew. This makes seeds an amazing option when growing outdoors, considering the fact that your cannabis will be facing all types of environmental stressors. 

Deep Sense of Satisfaction

Many growers view starting from seeds as the “pure” way to cultivate weed. Watching a cannabis seed grow into a complete harvest-ready plant can be a deeply satisfying experience. For some growers, it may seem slightly more interesting to grow a room of plants that exhibit a certain degree of genetic diversity.

Disadvantages of Growing Cannabis from Seeds

Longer Growing Time

Growing cannabis from seeds takes longer than growing from clones. Seeds need to germinate, develop roots, and grow into mature plants before they can be harvested, which can take several months! This time span can put seedlings at a higher risk due to their sensitive nature. 

Inheriting Undesirable Traits

When growing from seeds, there is always a risk of inheriting undesirable traits. This could be anything from low quality buds and  yield to hermaphroditism. Another circumstance that needs to be considered when growing from seed is that they may not be feminized, which means that male plants may grow alongside female plants, reducing the overall yield of seeds.

Advantages of Growing Cannabis from Clones v.s. Seeds

Guaranteed Females

The main advantage of growing cannabis from clones is that they are guaranteed to be females. This is because clones are taken from a female plant, and therefore, they do not have the potential to develop male flowers. This eliminates the need to watch for males sprouting, which can be time-consuming and frustrating.

Faster Harvest Timeline

Clones have a much faster harvest timeline than seeds. This is because they do not have to go through the seedling stage of the marijuana plant, which can take several weeks. Additionally, clones are already germinated with a root system, which means that they can be transplanted directly into the growing medium of your choice with the appropriate nutrients.

Predictable Quality

Clones deliver exactly what you liked about the mother plant. As exact genetic copies, they’ll carry over all of the mother’s traits, including size, taste, morphology, and productivity. This is a good thing when it comes time to harvest, as you know what kind of cannabis product and potential yield of clones you will be getting. As long as you are certain about the source you are purchasing your clones from and/or confident in your cloning capabilities this is a great option for indoor and greenhouse growing environments! 

Disadvantages of Growing Cannabis from Clones

Variable Quality

Clones can be difficult to get hold of, and they may have variable quality. This is because they may have been exposed to a number of stressors that have made them more susceptible, whether it be their mothers condition or the environment they were in. Clones may also carry pests and diseases if they came from an unreliable source, which can put your entire crop in jeopardy.

Extreme Fragility

Clones are delicate and often die before they begin rooting. They require a highly tailored, customized environment with carefully regulated humidity and temperature. This can be a serious challenge for novice growers who may not have the appropriate resources to provide the ideal growing conditions and/or experience to successfully care for their clones. 

Inheriting Undesirable Traits

Similar to cannabis seeds, clones may also inherit undesirable traits from the mother plant, from a low yield to susceptibility to different pests and diseases.
Cannabis clones are exact genetic copies of the mother plant, and therefore, they carry over all of her traits, both good and bad.

The Final Verdict 

We can conclude that both feminized seeds and clones have their unique set of pros and cons! Cannabis seeds offer genetic diversity, better resistance to pests and diseases, and that deep sense of satisfaction. Although, they do take longer to grow, which puts them at risk as well as inheriting undesirable traits. Clones, on the other hand, offer guaranteed females, a faster harvest timeline, and predictable quantity. However, they may have variable quality, extreme fragility, and may inherit undesirable traits from the mother plant.

Ultimately, the choice between seeds and clones comes down to personal preference, experience, timing, and your growing environment. Some growers prefer the excitement of growing from seeds and the potential for genetic diversity, while others prefer the predictability and efficiency of growing from clones. Regardless of your choice it is always important to provide your cannabis plants with a proper light source and cycle, temperature and humidity range, and well-rounded nutrient feeds to ensure a successful and happy harvest!

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