Child Resistant Packaging for Cannabis Crucial to California Compliance

Child Resistant Packaging for Cannabis Crucial to California Compliance
California Compliant Child Resistant Packaging After voting in favor of legalizing the adult use of cannabis in 2016, Californians were finally able to begin purchasing marijuana on January 1, 2018… well, in some cases anyway. While major cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco still struggle to get their ducks in a row before dropping the flood gates on the green rush, many cities and towns across the Golden State are already diving into what is predicted to be the most lucrative marijuana industry of any state to legalize. Whether you’re a dispensary or a producer of cannabis products, there’s no better time to familiarize yourself with the proposed regulations for California state compliant child resistant packaging.

How Child Resistant Packaging is Integral to the Future Success of Marijuana

Arguably none of the imminent cannabis regulations on the table are as crucial to the success of the marijuana industry as child resistant packaging. Prohibitionists gear a lot of their heavier arguments toward trying to persuade the public that marijuana legalization puts children at risk. For this reason, we’ve seen a lot of advances over the years and across the states regarding how the legality of cannabis can account for the safety of children. In addition to tightly restricting the shapes of edibles and the presentation of cannabis packaging so as not to include cartoonish mascots or anything that could be perceived as appealing to children, the urgency for innovative child resistant packaging has been underscored in most states. California is no exception. With many eyes looking to California to draft the blueprint for potential federal legalization, the state’s take on child resistant packaging deserves extra attention.

The Utility of a Good Exit Bag

In addition to a slew of detailed regulations laid out by California AB-110, rules regarding child resistant packaging are spelled out quite plainly. Any cannabis packaging including exit bags, must be certified as child resistant. However, items that do not have their own child resistant packaging can be placed securely into certified child resistant exit bags such as the Pinch ‘n’ Slide. Since the Pinch ‘n’ Slide can be opened and easily re-sealed as child resistant, it’s an obvious choice for those seeking California state compliant exit packaging for cannabis products.

Why the Pinch ‘n’ Slide Makes Excellent Exit Packaging

In addition to being compliant to California regulations, Pinch ‘n’ Slide bags are ASTM and CPSC compliant, strengthening their standing as a premium choice of exit bag. They feature a rather innovative design that incorporates a dual zipper mechanism, locking in odor and keeping the contents of the bag fresh and secure while maintaining enough complexity to fend off the curious hands of a child. Of course, the only way to guarantee that cannabis stays out of the hands of young children is to keep these products out of their reach. But the Pinch ‘n’ Slide swimmingly meets the strictest of child resistant regulations of each state that has legalized the adult use of marijuana. Another reason why the Pinch ‘n’ Slide is so prized as a state-compliant exit bag solution is that it’s opaque. Non-opaque marijuana containers and bottles can be placed inside of a Pinch ‘n’ Slide as an exit bag to meet compliance.

How the Leaflocker Modernizes Child Resistance

mechanics of leaflocker make it california state compliant child resistant packaging Stepping away from exit packaging, the Leaflocker is a relatively new innovation to child resistant packaging that remembers to place an emphasis on style. This is particularly interesting to producers of cannabis products who are trying to get their brand out as much as possible. The Leaflocker is a child resistant carton that can be fully customized to reflect your brand and aesthetic. While the Leaflocker may appear unassuming from a quick glance at its exterior, the interior contains a locking mechanism that hinders children from access.

Other Forms of Child Resistant Cannabis Packaging

There are a myriad of other child resistant packaging options including models of pop top bottles, doob tubes, blunt tubes, push caps and more. However, since models of each of these exist that are not certified as child resistant, it’s integral to double-check that you’re purchasing only packaging that meets your state’s criteria. Some packaging that doesn’t make the cut can be amended to be child resistant with tamper evident seals. There’s no arguing that protecting the interests of children in the age of marijuana legalization is a top priority, no matter your perspective. Companies that invest in the strictest child resistant guidelines likewise invest in a lucrative cannabis industry with real longevity. This is reflected in creative cannabis packaging that goes the distance to make sure that marijuana stays out of the hands of children but remains accessible to adults.

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