Custom Packaging for Cannabis Products Should Meet These 5 Demands
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Custom Packaging for Cannabis Products Should Meet These 5 Demands

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Custom Packaging for Cannabis Products Should Meet These 5 Demands

Dec 26, 2017
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Custom Packaging for Cannabis Products Should Meet These 5 Criteria-feature Cannabusiness, as with any business, relies on outstanding packaging to sell an equally outstanding product. Since a lot of the industry still resembles the Wild, Wild West, it can sometimes be challenging to keep this in perspective. But your branding matters; your packaging matters. The marijuana industry is, when compared to other commodities, relatively new but it was born massive and is only projected to get bigger. Competition is already steep and will only get steeper. So when you invest in custom packaging to set your product apart from the rest, you want it to reflect confidence in your vision. Here are some points to consider when choosing the best custom packaging for marijuana products.

5. Variety is the Spice of Life…or Herb of Business?

pinch n slide example of compliant bag that can be used for custom packaging Your product breaks boundaries so you want packaging that’s equally prepared to cross the barrier to get your target audience’s attention. Creative packaging is key in this. Chances are your product comes in many shapes, sizes and even forms so you’ll need a considerable variety of packaging options to meet your custom packaging needs. You’re definitely not going to be using the same packaging for cannabis concentrates as you are for dry herb. A joint won’t be accommodated by packaging for a cartridge. For this reason, you want to select a cannabis packaging company that can cover you from all angles, even the ones you may branch out to in the future. Aside from a vast assortment of custom packaging options, Marijuana Packaging also offers our proprietary patented Pinch ‘n’ Slide which is certified child-resistant, features an odor barrier and is fully customizable. Likewise, Marijuana Packaging offers the innovative Leaflocker; the latest advancement in child-resistant technology.

4. Keeping Your Custom Packaging Compliant

As I mentioned earlier, the marijuana industry is still fairly unregulated but that’s changing. You definitely want your packaging to be ahead of the curve when it comes to compliance because if you invest in marijuana packaging that isn’t following the rules and regulations of your state, you’re throwing your money down the drain. Whether you agree with regulation or not, it’s happening and your legitimate cannabusiness needs to work with a packaging company that fully understands these rules and regulations and can rise to meet them as they develop. Regulations such as child safety are obviously important and it won’t matter how beautiful your custom packaging looks if compliance isn’t met. Save yourself the money thrown away on non-compliant cannabis packaging and potential fines by working with a marijuana packaging company that fully understands the rules and regulations of your state.

3. The Convenience of Custom In-House Printing

Attention to detail is integral when transferring a brilliant design to cannabis packaging so you will most likely want to work with a company who does their own in-house printing. Custom in-house printing offers better quality and often receives more attention than if you were to have your custom print job performed overseas. Not to mention it’s quicker! You also won’t find yourself subject to deadlines associated with the Chinese New Year which can be challenging for many businesses.

2. Taking Label Application Off Your Hands

marijuana labels applied to custom packaging must still incorporate state compliant legal language Along the lines of in-house printing, Marijuana Packaging has started to offer a new applicator service that takes the tedious process of applying labels to packaging off of your hands. Since labels are pressure sensitive, it can sometimes be challenging to accurately apply them yourself but our applicator service takes the hassle and stress away from you, leaving you with more free time to focus on your valuable dispensary operations.

1. Creativity is King

Of course, the soul of any great packaging company is its creative design team who help bring raw concepts to life. A marijuana packaging company’s creative department should be able to help you fully realize your ideas or help you with new perspectives in branding that help to propel your product into the awareness of the right people. This is obviously much more than simply drafting logos. Rather, a strong design team uses their intuition and a vast array of tools to take the essence of your company (your product, your mission statement, your values) and craft it into a moving, breathing aesthetic that encapsulates your immense vision. This requires a skilled blending of colors, fonts, patterns and images that radiate the character of your company. For most businesses in the cannabis industry, custom packaging will provide the first introduction of their brand to potential customers. We all know what they say about first impressions so it’s crucial that you communicate the essence of your company and the value of your product on your first attempt. Custom marijuana packaging is a clear way to set your product apart from your competitors and trumpet what is truly unique about your business and your products. This is your dream and it deserves nothing short of the best.
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