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Dab Kit Convenience May Be Appealing but What Can You Expect it to Include?

Dab Kit Convenience May Be Appealing but What Can You Expect it to Include?
Dab Kit Convenience May Be Appealing but What Can You Expect it to Include You’ve maybe heard the term dab kit thrown around and, while it’s immediately obvious that a kit is built around a dab rig, the rest of the kit may be a bit more uncertain. A kit can be a convenient way to enter into the dabbing arena well stocked up and covered so that you can jump right in without any snags. You remember that feeling on Christmas morning 1989 when you tore open your presents only to read the fine print “batteries not included” and realize you’d have to wait for the stores to open the next day before you could even try out your new Game Boy? Well, getting a new rig without all the accessories can give you the adult version of that same feeling. What exactly should a purchaser expect from a dab kit that sets it apart from a standalone wax rig? There’s not really a gold standard but here are a few pieces and accessories that you can look for when shopping for an introductory dab kit.

The Wax Rig is the Most Important Part of a Dab Kit

quality wax rig most important part of dab kit Obviously, any dab kit you find is going to include a dab rig. A wax rig is basically the nucleus of a kit and often defines a kit’s quality. The rest of the kit will be comprised of bells and whistles so you’ll want to make sure that the rig is top notch before committing to any purchases. Once you’ve found a few kit options built around quality wax rigs, you can begin to compare the properties of the included accessories.

The Dab Nail is Almost Always Included – Kit or Not

It’s pretty rare for a dab kit to not include a nail for your wax rig. In most cases, your dab nail will be a glass variety on the cheaper side. But sometimes you’ll actually find comprehensive kits that get you started with a couple of different nail options to better meet your preference. A cheap glass nail shouldn’t be a deal breaker though. While ceramic, quartz and titanium are definitely preferable, a glass nail will still get the job done. Nails made of glass just might be less efficient and will definitely be less rugged than a nail of any other material. Obviously, if your dab nail is of a domed variety, the dome will be included.

How a Glass Dabber Can Define a Kit

inclusion of a dabber tool often necessary for new dabbers Oftentimes, the defining feature that sets a dab kit apart from simply buying a wax rig is the inclusion of a glass dabber or similar dab tool. A dabbing tool is extremely useful in handling concentrates of all varieties. Someone completely new to dabbing will often have a harder time moving sticky waxes and slippery oils from a container to a hot nail without creating a mess so a quality dabber tool is particularly important for novices. Like the dab nail, glass is just one of the materials available. A glass dabber won’t be able to handle high temperatures for long but it will get the job done while you’re getting accustomed to dabbing.

The Convenience of an Included Concentrate Container

In some cases, you may even find a kit that includes a concentrate container. A silicone concentrate jar can be of great use to dab enthusiasts thanks to its non-stick properties. You’re probably getting your waxes and oils from the dispensary in concentrate jars and your shatter in shatter envelopes reinforced with parchment paper. But when it comes time to transport a smaller amount of your concentrates, you’ll want another container available. While these are the most common accessories included in the purchase of a dab kit, it is possible to find deals that include other accessories such as carb caps or limited edition gift boxes. But if the rig itself isn’t top quality, then these accessories don’t make it a worthwhile purchase since any of them are easily available at a minimal price on their own. If the wax rig is solid, then a dab kit can just help you by hooking you up with all of your accessories at once so you’re not left hanging because you forgot to pick up a dabber or in the rare occasion that a nail isn’t included.

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