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Domeless Nail Seasoning Tips to Make Your Dab Flavor Pop

Domeless Nail Seasoning Tips to Make Your Dab Flavor Pop
Domeless Nail Seasoning Tips to Make Your Dab Flavor Pop If you’re new to the whole dabbing experience, you may not realize that when you first buy a titanium or quartz nail, you need to season your nail. I pretty much exclusively use a domeless nail which I’ll explain momentarily. However, it’s important to note that the seasoning process can just as easily be applied to a domed nail although you’ll want to remove the glass dome before seasoning as glass can’t really withstand seasoning. Ceramic doesn’t fare much better. So, whether you’re using a domed or domeless nail, you’ll definitely want to make sure it’s a titanium or quartz nail before proceeding.

Why I Prefer a Domeless Nail

quartz domeless nail preferred for frequent dabbing A domeless nail is the preferred choice of all of the frequent dabbers I’ve met but may not be the best choice if you’re just dabbling in dabbing. The main reason I prefer my nails domeless is that they heat up a lot more quickly. They’re also ideal for fatter dabs and thus bigger hits. Some people are quick to point out that a domeless nail can waste concentrates through evaporation but I’m pretty much always using a carb cap so that’s not an issue. Titanium nails are the ones that seriously need seasoning but I often use a domeless quartz nail because it’s rugged enough for me and I prefer the taste. And if taste is equally important to you, you’ll want to season your domeless quartz nail too.

Why Should You Season Your Nail?

Seasoning a nail is pretty much like seasoning a frying pan and the reason for seasoning it is the same: flavor. What happens when you don’t season your nail? Your dabs will probably taste a little off (or a lot depending on how sensitive you are to flavor). As I mentioned, I often use a quartz nail because flavor is very important to me so you can bet that when I buy a new quartz nail, I’m seasoning it.

Seasoning Method #1: The Ice Water Method

  • Prepare a cup of ice water.
  • Pick up your nail securely by the joint using a tool of some sort (ie. needle nosed pliers).
  • Use a torch to heat your new nail adequately.
  • Still handling the heated nail with the tool, dip the nail into the ice water (this should be done carefully to avoid severe burns from the steam that will be released from the hot titanium or quartz nail touching ice).
  • Pull the nail from the water and shake dry.
  • Repeat the process several times.

Seasoning Method #2: The Vegetable Oil Method (USE EXTREME CAUTION)

  • seasoning a domeless nail with vegetable oil can be hazardous so proceed with the utmost caution Fill a cup with high grade vegetable oil and a separate cup with water.
  • Pick up your nail securely by the joint using a tool of some sort (ie. needle nosed pliers).
  • Use a torch to thoroughly heat your nail.
  • Still using the tool to handle the heated nail, submerge it into the oil.
  • Use the tool to pull the nail from the vegetable oil and submerge in the water.
  • Use the tool to pull your nail from the water and repeat the process. NOTE: Vegetable oil is highly flammable so expect a flame to appear upon reheating. Keep the fire source well away from your cup of oil. This whole process should be done with the utmost caution.
  • Repeat the process several times.

Seasoning Method #3: The Concentrate Method

  • Keep your domeless nail positioned on your rig.
  • Use your torch to evenly heat the new nail. Be generous with the heat so that manufacturing oils will burn away.
  • The nail will not turn red if contaminated by manufacturing oils. You’ll want to heat the nail until it turns red. This can be achieved by positioning the tip of the inner flame against the nail.
  • With the nail at this lower heat, use a dab tool to apply a thin layer of concentrate around the head of your domeless nail.
  • Continue the process of heating the nail with the inner flame and rubbing in a thin layer of concentrates several times. (NOTE: These can be dabbed but probably won’t taste quite as nice as they should yet).
There are numerous variations on seasoning but none stray too far from the techniques discussed here. Personally, I feel that the first option is the quickest, easiest and gets the job done thoroughly but everyone has his/her own preference. Regardless of which method you choose, seasoning your nail is an integral part of breaking in your new titanium or quartz nail for making sure your very first hit of vapor is packing premium flavor.

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