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Electric Dab Nail Features Allow for an Easier Wax Dabbing Experience

Electric Dab Nail Features Allow for an Easier Wax Dabbing Experience
Electric Dab Nail Features Allow for an Easier Dabbing Experience I wouldn’t necessarily consider dabbing a risky activity but there are definitely factors that can result in a less-than-stellar dabbing experience, especially for those who are new to it. Most of this comes down to how thoroughly your wax is heated which can be a bit tricky when you’re first starting out. But since the advent of dabbing, an invention came along that eliminated most of the pitfalls that could jeopardize a great dab hit. The electric dab nail, often shortened to “e-nail”, provides numerous benefits for those who want that extra bit of control over their rigs.

The Safety of an Electric Dab Nail

electric dab nail consists of heating coil port and PID While I’ve yet to meet anyone who’s burnt themselves using a wax rig or dab torch, it’s obviously possible. Some dabbers are heating dab nails up to 800°F so you can imagine the nasty burn it would leave if you were to accidentally brush up against the heated surface. This can be an easy mistake for a distracted dabber to make considering there is often no visual indicator that a nail is retaining heat. Likewise, when handling a butane torch, accidents can happen. While the conscientious dabber probably won’t have any issues, you can use an electric dab nail to hedge your bets. An e-nail is equipped with full temperature controls which completely remove the dab torch from the equation.

Shopping for Portability

While not every e-nail or electric dab rig is portable, it’s easy to find a portable electric dab nail if that’s an important feature to you. An e-nail often comes as part of a self-contained kit consisting of a heating coil port and a Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) that helps you keep track of your e-nail’s temperature. All of this is typically housed within a metal box. So, much like an electric dab rig, an e-nail kit will hook you up with everything you need to vape highly potent concentrates but often at a fraction of the size.

The Joys of Low Temperature Dabbing

some users prefer an electric dab rig over an e-nail But arguably the most important benefit of an electric dab nail is the accuracy and precision it offers you; especially during low temperature dabbing. At face value, dabbing at lower temperatures offers less of a juggernaut of vapor, opting instead for a smooth, measured hit that goes down easy but maintains potency. But the scientific examination of the results of low temperature dabbing make this benefit of an e-nail even more enticing. The THCA compound in marijuana is heated to a temperature that releases psychoactive THC but overheating THCA can result in a completely different effect. When THCA is overheated, the result is a compound called cannabinol or CBN. CBN has only 1/10 the potency of THC. The result is often drowsiness or even nausea. By using an electric dab nail for low temperature dabbing, you cut out the risk of crossing over into the CBN spectrum. These three points form the basis for why the electric dab nail is such an important piece of progress in the evolution of dabbing technology but there are a lot of related benefits connecting them. For example, the low temperature feature conserves your precious waxes, oils and concentrates. Similarly, you’ll completely bypass any chance of combustion. It’s a generally smoother vaping experience thanks to the precision offered by an e-nail. So, whether you’re new to dabbing or a seasoned veteran of the wax rig, an e-nail may be the best way to smooth the edges of your dab game.

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