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Hemp Wick Scorches Butane Competition but Why?

Hemp Wick Scorches Butane Competition but Why?
Hemp Wick Scorches Butane Competition but Why As cannabis consumers, we are always trying to improve our experience and evolve the way we intake the plant to get the best possible experience. As a result, a host of new devices and inventions have been designed and sold for this specific reason. The hemp wick is one such improvement that will change your smoking experience. When given the option to light your herb using toxic gases or natural fibers, the choice is clear. Using a regular lighter (filled with butane gas) for lighting your cannabis means you are inhaling the toxic gases along with your herb. The result is a worse taste, a harsher hit and more toxicity in the body. A hemp wick has the power to change all that though.

The Healthier Option

hemp wick burns clean without butane contamination First of all, a hemp wick is made from hemp, a non-psychoactive variety of cannabis. It has been used for thousands of years to make a whole plethora of products including clothing, rope, oil and much more. This sturdy material is now being used to make hemp wicks which are very thin hemp rope, usually woven around a lighter for easy accessibility and used to light anything in the place of a butane lighter. The hemp wick can be first lit using the butane lighter but the toxic gases used to light it are not transferred to the wick, which can then be safely used as a lighter.

The Many Perks of Using a Hemp Wick

The benefits for using hemp wicks in the place of lighters are many. First of all, it is the healthiest option and this is immensely important as we only get one body. It saves you from inhaling toxic gases that have a negative accumulative effect. The flame that comes from a lighter occurs due to the combustion of butane which burns extremely hot at higher temperatures. The result is that the smoke is also very hot and harsh. Using the hemp wick to light your cannabis allows you to get a much smoother, deeper hit as it burns in a slower, smoother way. You are able to control the flame, which allows you to use up all the cannabis in the bowl. Best of all, the taste isn't compromised by the flavor of toxic gas. You are using a substance within the cannabis family so the taste is naturally better. Another bonus is that you will save money on lighters since you will need to keep them lit for much less time.

Cannabinoid Conservation

butane lighter still required for lighting hemp wick If all this doesn't convince you that hemp wicks are a far superior cannabis-lighting choice, then this might do the trick. Not only do they give you a smoother hit, but hemp wicks are also much more likely to get you higher. They burn at a lower temperature which means less cannabinoids get destroyed during the lighting process. Instead, those cannabinoids get to be inhaled and enjoyed, giving you a better, more potent high. For all of these reasons, it’s worth giving hemp wicks a try. The health benefits alone are worth the effort and the smoother, tastier, more potent hits are a worthy consolation prize too!

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Chemney Young Blunt

I need this in my life. What took so long. this is what we need to move the smoking experience to a cleaner level. thank you will be exploring a healthier way of consume this amazing plant!

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