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Herbal Vaporizers Benefit from a Wealth of Herbs Beyond Cannabis

Herbal Vaporizers Benefit from a Wealth of Herbs Beyond Cannabis
Herbal Vaporizers Benefit from a Wealth of Herbs Beyond Cannabis It’s no secret that most customers who’ve bought herbal vaporizers did so with the intent to vape cannabis. But an herbal vaporizer is essentially an herbalizer, meaning that it can effectively vaporize a myriad of beneficial herbs beyond marijuana. If you’re going to pump money into the best dry herb vaporizer you can find, you may as well explore the full spectrum of what this advanced piece of technology has to offer. Today, we take a look at 19 herbs you can plug into your herb vaporizer and their distinctive effects. (But before we go into that, always consult with your physician before attempting any sort of self-medication with herbs).

UPDATE: Herbalizer, Dry Herb Weed Pen or Dab Pen?

For the purposes of this blog, we’re speaking about using these herbs in an herbalizer or dry herb marijuana vaporizer as opposed to a wax vaporizer. Technically, you could use essential oils to create your own concoction for use in a disposable vape pen for concentrates but we’re really referring to dry herb today. If you want to use a weed pen as opposed to a desktop marijuana vaporizer, you’ll have plenty of options but there is likely to be some element of combustion. Whether you opt for a dry herb weed pen or a desktop herbalizer, make sure that your selection offers variable voltage so you can adjust the temperature to meet the needs of the specific herb you’re trying.

Basil: Herbal Vaporizers Release Stress-Relieving Oils

herbal vaporizers release beneficial stress relieving oils in basil You’ve had it in your food, maybe you’ve even taken a few whiffs to help ease your stress but did you know that, when vaporized, basil releases oils that heighten its benefits? Pack some basil into an herb vaporizer to feel the soothing effects on both your mind and your stomach. However, if you’re pregnant, basil is an herb best avoided.

Calea Zacatechichi: The Herb That Promotes Lucid Dreaming

Calea Zacatechichi dream herb can be vaped for lucid dreaming Calea Zacatechichi is easily one of the least common herbs on the list but one that can launch you into a distinctly psychedelic, though perfectly legal space. Sometimes simply referred to as Calea Z, it earned its reputation as the “dream herb” for its tendency to catalyze lucid dreaming. Obviously, the herb is prized amongst those trying to master the skill of lucid dreaming but users can also pop some Calea Z into their herbal vaporizers for feelings of sedation with the potential for light hallucination. Vaping Calea Z is said to make the results more pronounced.

Catnip: It's Not Just for Cats Anymore

catnip in herbalizer for tranquility Silly vaper, catnip is for cats…or so you thought. Actually, loading your herbalizer with catnip can have a calming, tranquilizing effect with a very subtle high. Since your cat’s favorite plant effects humans in a totally different way, you won’t have to worry about tearing up the upholstery.

Chamomile: Out of the Tea Cup and Into the Herbal Vaporizer

chamomile goes out of the tea cup and into the herbal vaporizer Chances are that you’ve had chamomile for an upset stomach or to help you with insomnia. But chamomile is actually one of the herbs vaporizer pens can transform into thick clouds of pure relaxation. Aside from helping with digestion and anxiety, it’s also been known to have positive results for easing headaches and depression. Some people even like to add a dash of chamomile to their dry bud when firing up their herbal vaporizers.

Damiana: Nature's Viagra

Damiana can be used in an herb vaporizer as an aphrodisiac Damiana is sort of like nature’s Viagra. It has a celebrated history in both Native American and Mexican culture for acting as an aphrodisiac so it can be a nice addition to the herbal vaporizer on a romantic evening. However, damiana is more than just an herbal Sade record. It is said to reinforce the nervous system, help with depression, treat asthma, ease urinary tract infections, and provide relief from menstrual cramps. And, yes, there is a bit of a high involved.

Eucalyptus: Vaporize for Direct Medication to Your Lungs

eucalyptus one of the herbs vaporizer uses as antibacterial You’ve probably used eucalyptus liberally when battling a cold or the flu but you can also fill herbal vaporizers with eucalyptus herb to medicate your lungs. Lung ailments can benefit from a stiff blast of vaporized eucalyptus and it’s highly effective as an antibacterial in general.

Green Tea: A Vaporized Caffeine Blast

adding green tea in herbs vaporizer for vaporized caffeine Yes, green tea, the beverage that you turn to when you’re trying to ween yourself off of coffee can be vaporized if you use the tea leaves themselves. Basically, you’d be vaporizing your caffeine. While it won’t have quite the impact of coffee, vaporizing green tea herbs makes that heightened awareness take hold more quickly than if you drank it. Green tea can also provide minor pain relief and has been said to help ease feelings of depression.

Hops: Interesting Flavors Profiles and Sedate Euphoria

hops sometimes used in herbal vaporizers for flavor complexity You’ve had hops in your beer but have you ever tried it in your herbal vaporizer? Hops is often vaped purely for its flavor complexity but it’s known to also include a relaxing effect. If you’re not getting any euphoria off your hops, you may want to try a different variety since there are several types of hops from which to choose.

Lavender: A Fragrant Medicinal Vapor

vaporizing lavender said to offer myriad health benefits Perhaps you’ve smelled lavender perfuming the summer air but it could be perfuming your lungs with its antibacterial and antiseptic properties. If that’s not enough reason to load some fresh lavender into your herbalizer, it’s claimed to serve as a muscle relaxant, anti-depressant, and blood circulation assistant. You can even add a pinch of lavender to your dry bud for a light, floral flavor.

Lemon Balm: Add to Herbalizers for Improved Blood Circulation

lemon balm in herbalizers to promote blood circulation If you want to help your blood circulation but aren’t quite feeling that lavender flavor, lemon balm could be more to your liking. Vaping lemon balm doesn’t just help your blood flow; it’s also regarded as a highly calming herb that can help with insomnia and ease headaches.

Passion Flower: The Exotic Sleep Aid

fighting sleep deprivation by vaping passion flowers There are a several hundred different kinds of passion flower out there and many of them can reportedly help with insomnia. But like cannabis, passion flower may be a means of overcoming opioid addiction according to a study that found the flower was effective in treating the conditions associated to opiate withdrawal.

Peppermint: The Cool Way to Treat Muscle Spasms

using peppermint in herbal vaporizers is said to help with muscle spasms You’re no doubt familiar with the refreshing flavor of peppermint. But adding peppermint into herbal vaporizers has been said to also help treat spasming muscles while serving as an antiseptic. Plus it can make your herb that little bit more festive during the holiday season.

Sage: Antiseptic Awesomeness

sage one of the herbs vaporizer models can use to fight colds While we’re raiding the spice rack for ideas, sage is another one of the herbs vaporizer models can often use to produce healthy results. If you’re suffering from a cold and there’s no eucalyptus on hand, a dash of fresh sage in the herbalizer is said to work wonders. Its antiseptic qualities find it a great foil to a sore throat.

Salvia Divinorum: A Short But Intense Psychedelic Journey

salvia divinorum produces intense psychedelic effects when vaporized Chances are you won’t find any salvia in the spice rack. Salvia divinorum has been banned in 29 states (and Guam) for its intense psychoactive effects. Though the high from salvia is short-lived, it can be an extreme few minutes and vaping it is supposed to heighten those effects.

St. John's Wort: A Vaporized Anti-Depressant

st johns wort allegedly vaporized as anti depressant St. John’s Wort is theorized to be a natural anti-depressant and is often available in supplements but can also be vaporized. But before you go tossing dry St. John’s Wort into an herbs vaporizer, be aware that it has been known to render birth control ineffective. And faulty birth control is not a very effective antidepressant.

Thyme: The Hypertension Reducin' Solution

putting thyme in herbalizer said to reduce hypertension Back to the spice rack for a dash of thyme, an herb that has been reported to pack a slight high of its own. But if you need more reason to add a touch of thyme to your herbal vaporizers, it’s also allegedly great for easing hypertension and can help with digestion.

Tobacco: Amplified Effects Through Vaping

is it possible to use tobacco in an herbal vaporizer It’s almost too obvious to consider but tobacco can actually be vaporized though it’s not as simple a process as most of the other herbs on this list. There are different tobaccos on the market with harmful additives so you’ll want to be working with the most natural tobacco option available. Effects can vary but in most cases, you’ll receive the usual effects of nicotine albeit somewhat amplified.

Valerian: I Want to Be Sedated

valerian when vaporized provides heightened sedating effects Another herb said to help insomnia sufferers is valerian which is derived from a root. Using valerian in an herb vaporizer reportedly heightens the relaxing benefits as opposed to taking it in the form of tinctures or supplements.

Yerba Mate: Another Way to Vape Caffeine

yerba mate offers another way to vape caffeine Finally, we have yerba mate which you may have encountered in tea form. Many people use it as a coffee substitute. Vaporizing yerba mate gives you a bit of a kick similar to vaping green tea though the flavor is markedly different. The best dry herb vaporizer for using a variety of herbs will have fully adjustable temperatures so you can experiment with the best heat settings for each herb. Most herbs will vary dramatically with the best temperatures for vaping so it can pay to do a bit of research prior to firing up your herbal vaporizers. Whether using in conjunction with cannabis or as a substitute, the full spectrum of herbs that can be used when you treat your vaporizer as an herbalizer is astounding.

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