How to Package Edibles to Stand Out

How to Package Edibles to Stand Out

For companies in the marijuana space, finding the best edible packaging ideas is imperative for the brand’s success. However, this could be an uphill task as edibles are among the most challenging cannabis products to store and package. The main reason behind this is the fact that these products are for human consumption. 

Cannabis edibles are products that legislators scrutinize the most. Of course, this is all done for good reasons. Children, and even some adults, may confuse these products with other types of edible foods.

Packaging plays a significant role in attracting customers in the highly competitive legal marijuana market. Due to the exponential growth experienced in the legal cannabis industry, competition is becoming more intense in the marketing, branding, and packaging front of cannabis products. 

For this reason, business owners must be smart when picking appropriate packaging for edibles. Fortunately, there are plenty of techniques and customer psychology that brands can leverage to achieve functionality and flair with their packaging. Here are some ideas for packaging edibles that can help you stand out in the market while adhering to legal requirements.

Understand The Law

The packaging of edible goods is subject to several compliance regulations, which puts marijuana businesses in a relatively tricky position. Many states have compliance laws concerning the typography and images used on these types of packaging. 

Hence, the first and most significant thing to consider is state and federal laws regarding cannabis edible packaging. Failure to do this could result in the closure of the business with little to no warning. Knowing the ins and outs of edible packaging rules would help the brand maneuver through state and federal regulations.

Have A Strong Brand Identity and Personality

Another instrumental element when brainstorming packaging ideas for edibles is arriving at a well-defined brand identity and personality. Your brand identity is a principal factor for driving consumer engagement and improving visibility. It’s also a powerful tool for attracting investors.

Cannabis edibles, like other products in vice industries, have limited access to conventional marketing vehicles due to stringent regulations. Therefore, brands can only rely on their unique edibles logo design and packaging ingenuity to market their products. Consequently, this warrants a strong brand identity to pique people’s interests and lure customers. 

Similarly, your brand’s personality is instrumental in developing a strong emotional connection with consumers. Linking your products to a desirable experience and expressing how the edibles make people feel is significant for enticing customers to purchase your products.

Keep It Simple

Since marijuana edible firms are tasked with developing unique brand identities and personalities, it can be tempting to use brightly colored packaging with whimsical typography and images. However, this would make the products appealing to children. Some states like California even have laws against portraying the products as candy, including cartoons on the packaging and making health claims. 

Maintaining a simple and clean design limits the likelihood of a child being drawn to the packaging. Although fun and brightly colored packaging designs may be more enticing, it risks going against the law, which can jeopardize your operations. 

Get Inspiration From Similar Industries

Determining the best packaging for your edibles doesn’t need you to reinvent the wheel. You can seek inspiration from packaging solutions that have been tried and tested in the food industry. 

For instance, if your brand produces weed brownies, checking out how various successful companies package similar products will provide excellent insight on what to do. Hence, a trip to a local grocery store can help you get ideas on the most appealing ways to package similar products.

Ways To Package Cannabis Edibles

Now that you are familiar with how to package edibles and make them stand out, here are some edible packaging examples to help you zone in on the exact packaging you may need. 

Glass Jars and Bottles

One of the best edible packaging solutions you can choose is glass cannabis jars. There’s a certain elegance that comes with storing products in glass jars. Besides being sleek, they also give consumers a sneak peek of what they are getting. 

Mylar Bags 

Another excellent way to package your cannabis edibles is using edible mylar bags. These bags often come with an airtight seal that prevents the loss of aroma, and some also include a small window for displaying the goods inside the packaging. 


Metal tins for edibles are another ideal choice for packaging cannabis edibles. Tins are excellent for providing physical protection to your products and are also easily customizable. These factors make tins perfect for packaging fragile goods. 

Pop-Top Bottles

Pop top bottles are one of the greatest inventions in cannabis packaging. These items are airtight, leak-proof, and child-resistant, making them ideal for numerous types of cannabis products. Pop-top bottles are also easily customizable, which is always an advantage for brands that want to stand out.

Bottom Line

There are numerous considerations when identifying the perfect packaging solution for your edibles. It’s important to remember that these products are for adult use only; therefore, they shouldn’t be packaged in a way that they would be confused with anything meant for children. Harnessing custom edible packaging is a great way to ensure your products stand out and attract customers.

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