How to Seal Mylar Bags for Cannabis

How to Seal Mylar Bags for Cannabis

It’s a new day in the world of cannabis, where packaging isn’t limited to sandwich bags or, worse — pieces of shopping bags. Cannabis legalization led to a revolution in cannabis packaging that assures customers that their products are tested and safe. 

Things have changed significantly since the legal industry became a titan in the economy. New laws created the framework for retail cannabis and how dispensaries delivered products to the customer. Anti-marijuana advocates expressed concerns that children could access cannabis legally if it were legal. Others claimed that cannabis products could be spoiled or altered in some ways. It’s general concerns like these that created a stigma against marijuana. However, the introduction of packaging solutions for cannabis created the standard for child-resistant and tamper-evident seals. Each state has its own unique compliance regulations to follow. The rules can differ, but they share many commonalities, like compliant cannabis labels. 

Mylar bags are an essential standard across the cannabis industry, regardless of state. They’ve been a standard packaging method in food, cosmetics, and medicine, and the benefits lend themselves to preserving cannabis. However, they can be finicky, especially when sealing child-resistant or tamper-evident bags. Some people prefer manually sealing each bag, while others are keener on automated heat sealers for mylar cannabis bags. Dispensary owners and cannabis producers should know the difference between the two to save time and costs. 

Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to maximize the benefits of sealing weed bags. Not only is it a means of preserving the cannabis until it’s ready to be consumed, but it’s also a way to build trust with your clients, so they have the comfort of knowing that your business cares about their safety and their children’s.

How To Seal Mylar Bags For Cannabis

Much like regular Ziploc bags, there isn’t much in learning how to use mylar bags. However, the process begins with identifying the correct dimensions. Are you packaging small amounts like 3.5 grams? Or do you want to preserve large quantities, like a pound or two? Owners must answer these crucial questions before bulk purchasing tamper evident cannabis packaging. However, even before placing an order on Marijuana Packaging, businesses should understand the compliance regulations, such as the difference between Pinch N Pull and Pinch N Slide exit bags. Usually, compliance regulations require specific aspects in their packaging. 

Once these specifics are determined, it’s time to package your cannabis. Exit bags are pretty easy to pack. Additionally, they’re also the perfect option for businesses that are seeking custom bags for weed. Before stuffing them into the medical-grade package, all one needs is their supplies (i.e., cannabis flower, pre-rolls, etc.). The final requirement is learning how to seal a Mylar bag.

How To Seal Mylar Weed Bags

Using mylar bags is crucial to keeping your marijuana fresh. However, it is a process that can be timely, depending on your approach. Before sealing the bag, it’s necessary to add an oxygen absorber pack with your contents. Along with the airtight seal, the oxygen absorber will ensure that moisture levels don’t spoil the contents within the mylar bag.

It’s hard to determine the best way to seal mylar bags because it depends on preference and resources. Many businesses find it easier to take the manual route with an impulse heat sealer, though who would be complaining about saving time with an automated machine? Below are some of the best ways to manually create strong seals on your products.

Sealer Machine: If you’re trying to figure out how to heat seal mylar bags, the continuous bag sealer machine is the best and most efficient way of getting the job done. This machine can seal 30 bags a minute and completely automate your bag sealing process! Simply load up cannabis into your bags and crank on the machine!

Irons & Hair Straighteners: Sometimes, there are efficient ways to seal weed bags without purchasing high-end equipment. Irons and hair straighteners can often do the trick. Place the iron on top of the bag. Press down for half a minute or so until it creates a seal.

Sealing Strip: First, you’ll need to clear the bag of any excess air lingering inside. Once that’s done, heat the sealing strip at the top of the bag, which will melt and create a strong seal.

Why Is Sealing Mylar Bags Important For Cannabis?

Mylar bags have already proven to be one of the most effective ways to package and store cannabis. They’re light and cost-efficient yet durable and odor-proof. It’s the perfect way to secure all marijuana products, from flowers to edibles. Plus, they have a resealable feature that allows continuous protection of the contents within the bag. With as many features, the key is to seal the packages properly. That’s how you prevent cannabis from getting too dry and moldy.

Compliance laws differ by state, but officials diligently examine every legal cannabis market. Minor infractions like using packaging that is not compliant can lead businesses towards significant fines. If these errors occur frequently, they could come at the company’s cost. 

Overall, there’s no better way to package cannabis than with mylar bags. They’re tamper-evident, child-resistant, and compliant friendly. 

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