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How To Tell If Your Dabs Carts Are Fake

How To Tell If Your Dabs Carts Are Fake

THC vape cartridges are without a doubt a wondrous innovation that allow cannabis consumers to savor the effects of this treasured herb confidently and conveniently. Unfortunately, like many successful products in today’s market there comes a time when consumers need to be aware of the bootleg brands that arise. We are no strangers to all the knock-off purses, computer viruses, and ulterior motives that ensue shortly after the rise in popularity of certain merchandise. Therein lies the question: What do we do when these bootleg brands and knockoff products affect our health and safety? 

Bootleg THC carts are making a rise on the scene and the symptoms of bad weed carts are far less to be desired than that of their initial intention. That said, knowing how to tell if a THC cart is real or fake has become of dire importance for the cannabis consumer. Fear not! In this article you will discover and learn how to spot fake carts, so you can continue smoking your favorite authentic THC dab pens in peace. 

Let’s Get Into It… 

An Overview: Are Legit THC Carts Safe?

Many would argue that smoking dab cartridges is a safer, more health-conscious alternative than smoking cannabis itself. This is due to their lack of carcinogens associated with combustion, smoke, and optimal testing requirements and regulations. It wasn’t until fake carts hit the scene that consumers started to worry about the symptoms and side effects that bootleg vape carts were having on their immediate health.

So what are fake vape carts laced with? NBC News states, 100% of fake THC carts contain hydrogen cyanide along with a fungicide and harmful source known as- myclobutanil. Myclobutanil transforms into a highly poisonous gas when applied to heat, hence the traces of hydrogen cyanide found in the counterfeit THC cartridges.

An ingredient-based clue in bootleg vape carts is vitamin E acetate (also known as tocopheryl-acetate), which though exhibits similar viscosity to authentic vape carts it is more affordable and easily produced. Vitamin E acetate has not been FDA-approved for human consumption and is presumably the prime ingredient for the deaths and illnesses attributed to the fake cartridge’s side effects.

Symptoms of Fake Carts Detected:

•    Breathing difficulties

•    Eye and airway irritation 

•    Dizziness and confusion

•    Nausea and vomiting 

•    Long-standing chest pain and tightness 

•    Weakness and tiredness 

•    Among other long-term life-threatening and debilitating health issues…

Packaging: Spotting the Red-flags 

The key components of how to tell if a cart is fake visually outside of the ingredients-based clues will be spotted on the packaging. Customized cartridge packaging has a distinct set of state-by-state rules and regulations that are followed for legal consumption. 

What is on the packaging of official THC products:

•    Package date

•    Batch number 

•    Manufacturing date

•    Lot number

Check the packaging of the cart  for a packaging icon and possible QR Code. Certain packaging icons are required by the state for legal and safe distribution. For further proof of the product’s authenticity, you can scan the QR code to ensure the vape is legit and properly tested. A serial number will be located by the QR code and will be compatible with the serial number on the brand’s website. Simply compare these two numbers, if they are not the same the cartridge is without a doubt, fake. So Toss It! 

To be a part of the legal market all products containing THC must have a license number and are required to provide public access to their lab results online. This vape cart has neither? Well, it is most likely a counterfeit cart and lacks the quality and proper proof of legal and safe consumption. 

By checking the Certificate of Analysis  (COA) online you will be able to review the panel of testing results, which should be provided by a licensed FDA-approved facility. Voila! You are now aware there are no pesticides, harmful contaminants, and additives in your purchased products. 

THC percentages are also a sure-fire clue in how to tell if a cart is fake. For example, if the vape cartridge is lower than 60% THC there is a high percent chance it is laced with other addictive and harmful contaminants. Alternatively, if your vape carts are reading at extremely high THC percentages expect that the vape is a knockoff.  

Purchasing Price, Consistency, and Color

Price point outrageously low? Too good to be true? – Probably is! Authentic vape carts are affordable, but knowing your brands and following your gut instinct will help guide you out of harmful situations when it comes to fake vape carts. Authentic dab cartridges consist of the purest cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes – mhmm yum! The extraction process to isolate these precious cannabis compounds comes with a healthy price tag, but the availability of pure spectrum vape carts in the legal market ranges in affordability. 

Consistency – A simple way to check if you are holding liquid gold is by turning your vape cart in a downward position. A fake vape cart contains those cheaper additives we don’t want to ingest, making the substance less viscous and thinner, readily moving throughout the cart with perhaps some air bubbles. A pure vape cart will be thicker in consistency and slow-moving.

Color & Taste of the Substance –  These red flags are easier to detect when you’ve already made the mistake of buying false vape carts post-purchase. Whoops! If the fake carts color has an orange tint or dark oil, you definitely have yourself a counterfeit vape. The authentic THC vape carts have a strong clear gold hue and a thick juicy appearance. 

So what do fake carts taste like? Well, if you happen to take a puff of a counterfeit cart expect a burnt flavor and perhaps a metal aftertaste. This is because some additives and contaminants in these faulty carts produce a negative reaction when heated, therefore the vapor will taste as such. 

The Break Down, The Bottom Line 

Here it is, the bottom line. Don’t waste your money. Don’t buy bootleg vape carts. Legit, safe, legal, and tested vapes and ceramic dab carts DO exist. By using these key identification methods for spotting unsafe and harmful counterfeit vape cartridges you are able to enjoy the satisfying smoking experience you have grown to know and love. To break it down check the packaging, spot the appropriate red flagged ingredients, research the Certificate of Analysis and keep a keen eye out for these key visual identifiers so you can have a positive vape cartridge experience every time you go to take a puff.


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