How to Use Empty Pill Capsules for Homemade CBD Supplements

How to Use Empty Pill Capsules for Homemade CBD Supplements
How to Use Empty Capsules to Make CBD Supplements In recent years, medical marijuana has swept across the country with 30 states now legalizing the plant for use in the treatment of a whole host of disorders. The most noteworthy compounds found in the plant, CBD and THC, are widely considered to be the most important for the plant's medicinal effects. THC is the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, known to be beneficial for treating cancer, HIV, PTSD, autism and many other disorders. It reduces nausea, aids the appetite and has been found to inhibit tumor growth in certain types of cancer, among other benefits. The psychoactive effects of the compound are not always a desired result and concentrated amounts of pure THC are not something you’ll find widely on the market.

Why Some Patients Prefer CBD to THC

empty pill capsules can be filled with cbd oil for medical benefits
CBD, on the other hand, is taken in concentrated amounts. It has no psychoactive effects and has been found to be a powerful anti-inflammatory, pain reliever and anti-oxidant. It is used to treat anxiety, insomnia and depression as well treat seizures, Alzheimer’s disease, chronic pain and any disorder in the body of an inflammatory nature. It is even used to treat cancer and HIV. CBD is safe to take in concentrated amounts and, for many, to take during the day without fear of unwanted psychoactive side effects.

DIY CBD Capsules

CBD’s ability to be effective, however, is based on dosage; too much will make you tired and not enough will leave you in pain. The problem with this is that, when it comes to these compounds, every single person is different. Some people will simply need less while others need more. While purchasing CBD capsules on their own might be good in theory, the dosage might not be right for you. And while buying the oil in pure form is great, it is hard to use on the go and could be potentially messy and indiscreet. The is where DIY CBD capsules are a great idea. You can purchase empty pill capsules and fill them with the desired dosage tailored to your needs, creating your very own CBD capsules.

How to Use Empty Pill Capsules to Make CBD Pills

simply split empty pill capsules to fill with your cbd oil
Empty pill capsules are easy to come by. You can affordably buy them in a large quantity and use them at your leisure. Once you have your empty pill capsules, open them by carefully pulling them apart. Use your CBD oil dropper to pour your CBD into the capsule. Droppers are often marked with quantities to make separating your dosage easier. Make sure you pour the amount you want into the larger side of the capsule. Then, close the capsule by replacing the smaller side back onto the larger side, squeezing both sides together so that they seal tightly. Be sure that you have taken the time to close the capsule properly, to avoid spills. Once this is done, you will have your own tailor-made CBD capsules, designed to suit your specific needs, that you can take with you and discreetly consume as needed. For many people suffering with chronic pain, anxiety or epilepsy, the ability to have specialized CBD capsules on hand is a godsend. They're easy to make and more than worth the benefits.

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