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Jealousy Strain

Jealousy Strain

A decadent hybrid weed strain that will leave you feeling all the feels! The Jealousy strain has an appearance as dramatic as its name. By crossing Sherbert Bx1 and Gelato 41, you get a 30% Sativa and 70% Indica-dominant hybrid that would make anyone jealous. 

The sunset orange hairs, extreme grape purple buds, and juicy crystalline trichomes will turn anyone’s head. If that doesn’t grab your attention then the aroma is sure to light up the senses. 

From diesel, peppery, and pine to a sweet fruit sensation, Jealousy has a flavor and aroma that is almost hard to pinpoint. This is due to its full spectrum terpene profile, consisting of predominantly Caryophyllene, which is what gives Jealousy that peppery, funky fuel flavor and aroma. Limonene, Myrcene, and sometimes even Linalool also combine forces to give you a tinge of citrus, herbal, and lavender that will have you reminiscing about your morning tea. 

Though, the Jealousy strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid it will make you feel mentally subdued yet physically energized! Consumers notice an elevated mood and bright spark of creativity when smoking down on their favorite Jealousy flower. 

Known for diminishing feelings of depression, stress, and anxiety, this strain will have you talking up a storm. Deep belly laughs with a balanced sense of calm make the Jealousy strain such a complex and inviting combination. 

Hitting high with THC levels in the 20s, some might argue that Jealousy is meant for more experienced smokers. Although, its balanced effects make it a welcoming strain to a wide range of consumers. 

But with reward also sometimes comes risk. Some negatives gossiped about when smoking Jealousy are headaches and dizziness. Perhaps, feelings of anxiety may hit you when smoking excessive amounts of Jealousy considering its powerfully potent nature. Although, it has been said that strains that aren’t talked about rarely make history, we don’t see this being an issue with the jealousy strain. 

The Jealousy strain grows well in both indoor cultivation and outdoor cultivation spaces. It is a heavy-yielding Indica-dominant that thrives in a warm climate. Considering its short flowering time (8-10 weeks), cultivators love being able to stagger their harvests with this legendary beauty. 

The jealousy strain is a rare breed that yields high and has a quick-growing nature. This enables cultivators to get in an extra greenhouse run before winter or stagger their dry space. Its average to medium grow height does well with low-stress training techniques, which will contribute to its above-average yield. 

The Jealousy strain is kin to legendary Gelato and Sherbert, two strains that are fan favorites for cultivators and consumers alike. It is a masterfully crafted strain that weaves together top genetics, tantalizing terpenes, and brilliantly balanced effects that captivate the senses. From visually stunning buds to a complex terpene profile the breeders at Seed Junky Genetics didn’t hold back on this one.

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