Marijuana Detox Drinks and Other Methods to Pass Your Drug Test

Marijuana Detox Drinks and Other Methods to Pass Your Drug Test
Marijuana Detox Drinks and Other Methods to Pass Your Drug Test In world where marijuana is still considered illegal and classified as a Schedule I drug, users run the risk of potentially needing to pass a urine-based drug test from time to time. This can be an extremely stressful position in which to find yourself because THC is stored in fat and can sometimes take quite a while to be fully cleansed from the system. For really heavy users, at least one week will be necessary for a urine test to come back clear. In fact, for those that use a lot, it could take up to 77 days for all the THC to clear out of the body. How Long Does Marijuana Stay in Your System? quick fix synthetic urine is just one method of passing a drug test A general rule of thumb is that for regular users it generally takes 10 to 30 days to clear THC from urine while heavy users may take up to 77 days for it to clear. Blood and saliva take between 1 to 7 days to go clear while hair holds THC for up to 90 days. Important factors include how much and how often marijuana is consumed along with the potency of the strain. A person's natural metabolic rate must also be factored, how often they exercise and their body mass index (BMI). Due to the fact that THC is stored in body fat, the higher the BMI, the longer it will take for the compound to clear from the body. Methods of Detox For those in a crunch who need extra help clearing the compound from the body in a hurry, there are a variety of options including marijuana detox drinks, synthetic urine and detox pills. Exercise also helps to boost the metabolism and clear the body. While exercise can boost the metabolism, it can also burn fat and thereby release stored THC back into the body. For this reason, it’s imperative to avoid working out within 24 hours of your test. Food is also able to play a key role in detoxing the body of THC. Healthy food, fruit and vegetables, B vitamins, psyllium husk and magnesium are all valuable in this process. How Marijuana Detox Drinks Work marijuana detox drinks can help dilute urine in the event of a drug test Marijuana detox drinks are commonly used and there is a large range available to help detox the THC from urine. Water can also be helpful in this process, not only for its ability to clear the blood but also for its ability to dilute the urine. So long as key components such as B vitamins and creatine are consumed, the urine will be diluted yet also contain enough key compounds to still be considered a valid sample. Using Synthetic Urine At the end of the day, synthetic urine may be the best, most foolproof choice when it comes to passing a test. It is able to mimic real urine, containing the same chemical compounds as human urine and completely undetectable as fake. It works for both genders and as long as you aren't caught with it, you will have no issues passing the test. Whether you just abstain and wait or use a method such as marijuana detox drinks or synthetic urine, rest assured that there is hope to pass a surprise urine test.

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