Marijuana Witchcraft from Ancient to Modern Times

Marijuana Witchcraft from Ancient to Modern Times | Marijuana Packaging

There is a lot of talk today about the physical benefits of cannabis. Medical marijuana has been legalized in 29 states and Washington D.C. to treat a whole variety of conditions including epilepsy, cancer, Alzheimer's, chronic pain, neuropathy, glaucoma, PTSD and many more. The beginning stages of marijuana research have already begun with a focus on uncovering the medicinal value of this plant that has been used for thousands of years to remedy numerous afflictions and ailments. On a different note, though, there is much less talk about the rich connection between marijuana and spirituality as it has existed throughout history, and how it relates to the medical application of cannabis.

UPDATE: Medical Marijuana Legalization

As of June 2021, medical marrijuana is legalized in some form in 45 states.

UPDATE: Answers Straight from the Source

Sometimes it pays to hear it straight from the source. In an "Ask a Witch" segment of their blog, The Green Man Metaphysical Shoppe & Apothecary presented representative Hovik's thoughtful answer to the question "What is your opinion on using cannabis in witchcraft and getting closer to your deities?" While he refrains from using cannabis himself for several reasons, he does stress the importance of connecting to spirituality through plants, recommending less potent herbs as a starting point for the inexperienced (CBD-rich hemp is a great option). The full answer is worth a read for anyone curious about how to incorporate herbs into their spirituality.

Ritualistic Use of Cannabis Through History

Spanning across the world, there is evidence of spiritual, magical, and religious uses of marijuana, in addition to the evidence of its medicinal uses. All throughout Asia, the Middle East and Europe, there is evidence of cannabis being used in a variety of rituals and rites. The ancient oil that Jesus is said to have used to anoint his apostles and later perform miracles was thought to contain cannabis. The reason for this is a passage in Exodus that lists the oil as containing cinnamon, cassia, myrrh, and cannabis. Early Gnostic Christians even believed that this was the oil used to baptize or anoint.

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The Basis of Marijuana Witchcraft

Marijuana witchcraft or marijuana sorcery is another spiritual practice associated with cannabis. The plant is regarded as holding all four elements of nature, giving the consumer access to feeling and understanding the true nature of life. Marijuana was considered to be a source for connecting to spiritual wisdom and uncovering the true nature of existence. It was used for weed witchcraft spells to invoke meditation, visions, healing, and love. It was a highly regarded, spiritual plant used to evoke a stronger connection to love and spirituality.

Using Cannabis to Open Up to the Divine

Shamans used the plant in a similar way to open up to a higher state of consciousness. Evidence of ancient rituals containing cannabis can be dated as far back as 5000 B.C. It was used in ancient Chinese and European rituals and even ancient Scythian funeral rites for kings. All across the world, for thousands of years, it appears to have left a mark on religious celebrations and rituals. People used it as a way to more closely communicate with the divine. They utilized it as a means of being lifted out of mundane reality into a broader state of consciousness. A tradition of cannabis use for spiritual purposes appears to still be in play. There are independent, new religions that have churches that focus around using cannabis to connect with the divine. Marijuana witchcraft is something that modern witches still exercise for connecting to the divine. It is still used in this way by some shamans and spiritually focused groups. Since ancient times, there is a recorded history of the use of marijuana for many purposes, from the practical to the physical and the spiritual. Cannabis continues to be used in this way today.

So, is there something to the idea that marijauna magical properties exist? Based on the history that we’ve gone over, there very well may be. And those elements of spirituality and witchcraft have absolutely leaked into modern day cannabis culture. Take, for instance, our popular glow in the dark pipe and our glass skull water pipe. There’s more to these smoking devices than spooky vibes around a campfire - the ideas behind them may be rooted in the practices of the past.

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