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Mobius Releases A New And Comprehensive GMP Guidebook

Mobius Releases A New And Comprehensive GMP Guidebook

The release of a unified Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) set of guidelines by Canadian company Mobius has emphasized the importance of a standardized set of GMP rules. Cultivators want to provide the best and safest product quality, and the new compiled GMP document puts all the best information in the same place. 

GMP is an essential aspect of the legal marijuana industry. Despite the fundamental way GMP influences the cannabis sector, it is behind-the-curtain and a primary concern of cultivators that consumers may not know about. 

GMP covers the entire production process, from materials to equipment, handling complaints, and packaging in weed containers

It ensures that guidelines are met to provide high-quality products that do not pose any health concerns. 

According to the Foundation of Cannabis Unified Standards (FOCUS), the fundamental pillar of GMP is that quality cannot be tested into a product; it must be built into each batch of a product during all stages of the manufacturing process. 

Mandated or not, cultivators look to GMP to ensure safety. Experts oversee GMP in all countries where cannabis is federally legalized. For example, in Canada, all cannabis producers must be GMP-certified. 

Many states in the U.S. also have GMP requirements. 

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has a set of GMPs, but not for cannabis since it is not federally legalized. The potential safety gaps demonstrate one example of how vital Mobius’s guide can be for cultivation. 

A leading manufacturer of pharmaceutical-grade cannabis trimming and automation equipment, Mobius has worked with GMP experts and consultants across North America, South America, and Europe to create the guidebook. 

Mobius has taken that knowledge and combined it into a 41 page, downloadable PDF for any cultivator to reference. 

Amanda James, Mobius’s Director of Strategy and Business Development, said the company’s goal was to “resolve our customers’ most critical concerns about certification and safety.” 

The manufacturer’s goal was to minimize confusion over the safest ways to cultivate cannabis. In the U.S., in particular, until cannabis is federally legal, organizations that study marijuana will not be able to set their own GMPs. This adds to significant confusion, which Mobius’s document seeks to address. 

The guide includes standardized checklists for sanitation, equipment, and personnel, guidance from experts on preparing for a GMP certification, the best GMP practices for equipment maintenance, sanitation, and assessment, and a sample audit form to begin the planning process for implementation. 

GMP will inform businesses’ decisions as countries expand their growing operation. Glass Pharms, a U.K.-based company, recently announced a revolutionary cultivation facility using artificial intelligence-influenced grow techniques

As companies like Glass Pharms begin to expand technology, GMP will be essential in fostering the safest and best quality production practices. Mobius’s guidebook makes it that much easier, and consumers can be assured it will positively affect the industry as a whole.

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