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Why More People Are Turning to Disposable Vape Pens

Why More People Are Turning to Disposable Vape Pens
Why More People Are Turning to Disposable Vape Pens Vaping has become an extremely popular way to consume cannabis concentrates in recent years. In California, it actually makes up 80 percent of the cannabis concentrate market while vape sales in Colorado are making up 41 percent. Vaping is often the preference of people looking for a clean smoke with no carcinogens and a nice flavor. Vape pens provide a convenient way of vaping on the go. The experience of using a tabletop vaporizer is less convenient than the ease experienced by picking up a pen and taking a dose of clean, tasty vapor. Another bonus of using a vape pen is the ability to choose a cartridge that is suited to your needs. You can get ones that are CBD or THC dominant in varying degrees. This helps people in choosing the ideal dosage for their desired effects.

The Convenience of Using a Vape Pen

ccell disposable vape pen an example of convenient size
Vape pens are small, easy to use and carry around. For people on the go or those who don't always want to be bound to their vape machines, vape pens are an easy, healthier and more convenient way to consume cannabis. And if that doesn't sound good enough as is, disposable vape pens have also hit the market. These offer all the benefits of the regular non-disposable vape pen but have added conveniences.

No Need to Refill or Recharge a Disposable Vape Pen

The first benefit to mention is that you will never need to replace the cartridge. The disposable vape pen is designed to be vaped until the very last bit of weed concentrate is left. The hits have often been measured precisely to ensure that there is the perfect amount in each pen. This also includes battery life. You will never need to charge the battery of the disposable vape pen because it is designed to have enough of a charge to finish all the hits. Then you can simply throw it away when it's done.

A More Affordable Option

vape cartridges do not need to be replaced with disposable vape pens
The next thing to mention is price. The disposable vape pen is usually cheaper than the non-disposable variety. California seems to be the exception to the rule here with many disposable pens showing up around the same price as non-disposable pens. In other states, however, the disposable pen is significantly cheaper. The disposable pens are also much more discreet than non-disposable ones. They are much thinner (approximately the length of a cigarette) and easy to slide into the pocket to carry around with you.

The Rise in Disposable Vape Pen Sales

These benefits make the disposable vape pen a popular choice amongst cannabis users. According to BDS Analytics, Oregon saw a 2185 percent increase in disposable pens sales and Colorado saw an 80 percent increase in disposable pen sales from 2017 to 2018. California only legalized marijuana in 2018 so it’s impossible to measure data spanning years but there has been a rapid growth in sales, starting at $3.4 million in disposable pen sales in January 2018 and almost doubling that number to $6.42 million by March 2018. Disposable vape pens are popular for a reason. They're discreet, easy to use, never require you to charge a battery and the price is right.

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