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Packaging of Different Strains: Doing Your Brand Up Right The First Time

Packaging of Different Strains: Doing Your Brand Up Right The First Time

It isn’t just about the product, but the packaging. How do you use the appropriate visual cues and the right designs to steal the show and standout? Depending on strains, your personal brand’s vision, and the way you grow will all influence the direction and personality of your product. In this article we will uncover how to personalize your brands packaging to engage your audience and seduce your consumer the cannabis way. 

There are many strains in the game all of which have their own unique trichomes, color, character and high. Your strains will fall under one of these three categories: Indica Dominant, Sativa Dominant, and Hybrid. All of these weed types and strains come with their underlying associations from uplifting to relaxing and their packaging needs to represent the effects they each provide. Packaging designs for cannabis can truly make or break your brand, so knowing what colors and vessels to lean into is insanely important. 

Let’s Keep It Simple… Indica dominant strains are known for their subdued and calming effects. When you think of packaging for indica strains you want to showcase the effects of this cannabis variety.  

Three Colors to Rock for Indica Dominant Strains: 

Blue: The color blue undoubtedly gives off a powerful sense of relaxation, peace and stress relief making it the perfect color to represent on those heavy hitting cannabis indicas. 

Green: Another color that exudes soothing rest and harmony. Its psychological effects on the mind give off a sense of harmony and nature unlike any other. 

Purple: Purple is a color that represents strength, wisdom, peace, and royalty. Great heavy hitting strains are known for their purple exterior making it a great contender for your indica strains. 

Colors aren’t the only way to draw attention to indica dominant strains. Having dark sleek packaging like cannabis mylar bags will give your brand an exclusive top-shelf look. Customizing your indica strains with a sheen glossy or matte finish mylar bag will have your product showing up for the right occasion every time. 

Now onto another fan favorite the uplighting, happy, and energizing sativa dominant strains. Many cannabis consumers would relate the high from sativa strains to an enjoyable cup of coffee in the morning. That said, you want to give off the same reflection using your packaging for sativa. The psychological effects some colors can immediately radiate need to coincide with the strain and high they will get from the accompanied cannabis inside. Let us take a look at the top colors that give your mind an uplighting and enlightened feeling that resonates with sativa strains. Think bright, think warm, think pastel! 

Colors to Rock on Your Sativa Cannabis Packaging: 

Yellow: The first and perhaps most obvious of the bunch is naturally the color of the sun. Using yellow when packaging your product will brighten up any mood and channel the feelings your consumer wants when smoking sativa strains. 

Pink: A personal favorite and more feminine approach is the color pink, the color of flowers, hearts, love, and yummy sweets. 

Orange and Red: You can’t go wrong with the colors of a sunset. Orange and red give off a bright fiery vibe, similar to the cannabis that is inside. 

Pastels: Pastel colors are perfect for sativa cannabis packaging. Colors such as peach, light pink and lilac are far too yummy to pass up. 

Leaning into these colors will create the visual cues consumers are looking for when purchasing sativa strains. Keep your branding for sativas, light, bright and airy. Whimsical text, simple designs, and the correct color combination will make your sativas look as fun as they are to smoke.  

Packaging for hybrid cannabis strains can get creative, fun, and needs to seek the attention of the buyer. A hybrid strain is one that is 50% indica: 50% sativa or a different indica:sativa ratio, but regardless the best of both worlds. Playing with color combinations and packaging for these brilliant breeds is easiest when you know what your brand’s direction is. Let’s check out the top trending color schemes and palettes for our hybrid strains. 

Colors to Rock on your Hybrid Cannabis Packaging: 

Peach and Burnt Orange: This is an analogous color combination that is a perfect blend of balance, lifestyle, and creativity

Lavender and Teal: Harmonious blend that is mature yet playful 

Cherry Red and Off White: Classic and sophisticated color combination 

Royal Blue and Peach: Bold and Playful 

Sky Blue and Bubblegum Pink: Cooling, cheerful, and playful. Perfect for a juicy vape or hybrid flower. 

Lime Green and Electric Blue: Energy and Youth

Mustard Yellow, Sage, and Forest Green: The ultimate organic earth-tone color palette Showcasing your hybrid strains using clear cannabis jars with colorfully designed custom lids is an amazing way to let the bud show the personality it holds within. Through color psychology and visual cues you can easily make your hybrid strains fun, fresh and everybody’s first choice. Once you choose your strains and they are ready to harvest, focus on playing with colors, printed texts, and packaging that make your indicas, sativas, and hybrids trendy and pop! Best of luck and happy smoking…

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