Pollen Press Preserves Kief While Making Hash Easier

Pollen Press Preserves Kief While Making Hash Easier | Marijuana Packaging

People have been consuming cannabis concentrates for thousands of years - namely oils and hash. If you’re unfamiliar with concentrates, the name pretty much says it all. Concentrates are made from extracting the cannabinoids (such as THC and CBD) from marijuana or hemp and removing all other plant matter and compounds. Consuming concentrated cannabinoids gives you a powerful high that lasts a lot longer than your average puff from a joint. Hash is a popular concentrate that has been used since ancient times. It is made from cannabis trichomes, which are the little white hairs on female cannabis plants that are absolutely bursting with powerful cannabinoids. A pollen press is a device that allows you to take the trichomes you collect from your flower and press them to make your very own hash at home.

High Grade Metal Pollen Press | Marijuana Packaging

Using a Kief Catcher to Collect Your Pollen

The trichomes can be collected using an herb grinder that has a screen and kief catcher - otherwise known as a 4-piece weed grinder. As you grind your flower, the kief (bits of plant matter but mostly shirred trichomes from your herb) falls through the screen and collects in the bottom compartment of your grinder. Once you’ve collected enough you can pollen press kief to transform it into hash.

If you’re commercially producing hash from kief, we recommend investing in an automatic weed grinder. They can shred dozens of pounds of flower in very short amounts of time.

Improving Preservation

The kief can be used on its own (in a bowl/pipe), sprinkled onto a bowl of flower to add an extra kick, or even added to a joint. Kief is often found at the bottom of containers and is often lost due to how messy it can be to handle in its powdered form. However, pressing the kief will allow you to make excellent use of its compounds and preserve its potency over a long period (even months). Compressing the kief makes it even stronger because of the increased density and produces a powerful high when sparked and inhaled.

How to Use Your Pollen Press

If you don’t know how to use a pollen press, don’t worry - turning the kief into hash is extremely easy with one of these devices. It will squash your kief into little pollen cakes or hash with ease. But what is a pollen press? Pollen presses are made from high-grade metal. They typically resemble cylindrically shaped metal with a cap at each end. Within the cylinder there are two plastic pins. You simply put the kief between the two plastic pins and put the caps back on each end. As the caps are screwed back on, the pins squash the kief together, creating a kind of hash pellet in the center of the pollen press. At this point, you will want to leave the pollen in the press for at least 8 hours but no more than a couple of days or it will get too hard to remove from the pollen press. Then, store it in an airtight container in a dark cool place until you're ready to use it. Pollen presses are a great accessory for any cannabis consumer; especially those who really enjoy using concentrates and want a solid, healthy variety. The hash can be smoked, vaporized, or eaten/drank depending on your preference for a truly enjoyable high. Many people enjoy dissolving their kief hash pollen press final product in a hot cup of morning coffee to start the day with a truly euphoric buzz.

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If you use flower on a regular basis then you should have a few things…A pollen/kief box (usually made of wood with 2 compartments a lower and upper divided by a super fine mes screen, a grinder with a pollen catcher (if you have one of these then the pollen box isn’t nessesary but helpful) and a pollen press.

My method:

1. I place my trimmed or broken up flower in the pollen box with a nickle or quarter thrown in with the flower into the freezer for 15-25 minutes. Your not freezing your flower, your just causing the tricombs to get more brittle sovthey can break away more easily. After the time has passed remove from freezer and gently shake the box from side to side. The coin will help knock the tricombs loose so the kief falls into the lower area. After this step I grind my flower. Remove your kief and store in an air tight container.

2. Grind your flower. Once again you should have a coin in your middle chamber if you have a pollen cather on if. After you grind your flower shake it up a little to help more kief fall into lower chamber. Remove flower and store away. Now take your kief and toss into your pollen box without a coin and shake it up to get the true kief to filter into lower chamber and once done store with other kief. The powdered kief/plant matter that remains in the middle chamber should be stored separately. (You’ll have your pure kief batch and your “dirty” keif batch.

3. Press your kief batches. I make 4 Gram pucks. These are a good dose for me to vape/smoke or add to a hot drink.

You can use the keig any way you want to.🤷‍♂️

It may seem like over kill but I’m left with my flower (typically sitting around 20-40% THC) to vape, my pure kief (typically sitting at around 70-80% THC) and then my dirty kief (sitting between those). Of course I’m also left with the by product of AVB that I Also end up using. So I get multiple uses out of 1 batch of flower.

It works for me…and I feel like I’m getting the greatest bang for my dollar.🤷‍♂️

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Great advantage showing about Pollen Press by this wonderful article.

Jacob Holmes

Great advantage showing about Pollen Press by this wonderful article.

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