Recreational Dispensary 101: What to Expect on Your First Visit

Recreational Dispensary 101: What to Expect on Your First Visit
Recreational Dispensary 101-What to Expect on Your First Visit The legalization of weed is sweeping across the nation as 20 percent of the country has now elected to legalize the plant for recreational use with additional states pushing to join. So when it comes to partaking in the purchasing of adult use marijuana and the enjoyment of the reformed marijuana laws, it is helpful to know what to do and expect in advance. This is not like going to the local liquor store or supermarket. There are regulations and information to be aware of that can give you a much more pleasant experience at the local recreational dispensary if you arrive prepared.

Age Limits for Adult Use Cannabis

marijuana industry largely cash only so bring cash to dispensary
The first thing to be aware of is that marijuana can only be purchased by people who are over the age of 21. This means everyone who comes to buy marijuana will be carded. You will absolutely need to have your photo ID current and ready if you hope to make your first purchase at all.

Bring Cash

While marijuana may now be legal in your state, it is still illegal at a federal level. This makes banking a serious issue for marijuana businesses. Many can only operate in cash. While they may not be able to accept your purchase using your ATM card, they will often have an ATM on or near the premises. If you want to avoid the risk, however, it's a good idea to save yourself the hassle and bring cash.

Basic Strain Knowledge

One of the main ways a marijuana strain is described is by using the terms sativa, indica and hybrid. These are important terms in the marijuana world, when it comes to understanding how a specific strain will affect you. Sativas tend to be more psychedelic, giving you a head high that induces euphoria, creativity, happiness and the feeling of being high. Indica on the other hand produces a body high that makes your physical body relaxed and calm while your head stays straight. They can give you that relaxing feeling of sinking into the coach without pain. Hybrids are combinations of the two in various degrees and varieties. Understanding this can help you make the best choice of weed for you when it comes to deciding, though dispensary workers can often help you out with their own suggestions.

Does Your Recreational Dispensary Have a Site?

check to see if your preferred recreational dispensary has website
When looking for a recreational dispensary, check to see if they have a website. If they do, they may list what they have in stock on their site. This will allow you to check out and research the various strains and see what method of delivery you'd like to engage in, whether that be vaping, edibles, oils or flower.

No Smoking or Sampling on the Premises

When you are at the recreational dispensary, keep in mind that the weed won't come out of the container as shop assistants are showing them to you. You can't sample the varieties in the store and once you've made a choice of which strain you'd like, you cannot smoke or consume that marijuana on the premises or in the parking lot. You can only use it on private property so be aware not to break the law. Now that you know these things, you will be better armed to have a pleasant experience at your local recreational dispensary.

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