Recycler Rig Showcases Advancing Technology in Smooth Concentrate Consumption

Recycler Rig Showcases Advancing Technology in Smooth Concentrate Consumption


Recycler Rig Showcases Advancing Technology in Smooth Concentrate Consumption

Oct 02, 2017
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Recycler Rig Showcases Advancing Technology in Smooth Concentrate Consumption The recycler rig is one of the newest, most technologically advanced dab rigs available on the market today. As the legalization of marijuana sweeps through the land and our consumption of marijuana gets more sophisticated, so do the methods we use to ingest it. More and more people today have been exploring the benefits of consuming concentrates. There are many types of concentrates on the market and a variety of ways to enjoy them including dabbing. This popular way of enjoying concentrates provides a clean, powerful and long lasting high to consumers. A recycler rig now has the ability to take the enjoyment of concentrates to a whole new level.

How a Recycler Rig Works

recycler rig uses two chambers for better filtration The recycler rig gets its name from the fact that it has two chambers instead of one and the smoke loops around the chambers in a continuous motion on the way to your mouth. There is a perc from where your concentrates are lit and a mouthpiece from where you pull the hit. The vapor moves from the perc into the first chamber and then it is funneled into the second chamber which is closer to the smoker's mouth. The vapor has continuous travel through water on the way to the smoker's mouth which means it travels through air for less time, preventing the vapor from becoming stale. There is a splash guard to prevent water from reaching the user's mouth so that's not something one needs to worry about.

Benefits of Smoke’s Prolonged Contact with Water

Another great thing about the long contact with water is that the usually hot, dry, harsh vapor that is drawn is cooled on the way to the mouth. The vapor is also filtered multiple times, making it as pure as possible. All in all, the longer the vapor is cooled by its long contact with water, the less chance there is for the vapor to go stale through contact with air. The bubbles in the water pipe are popped closer to your mouth which means that you have the chance to really take in the full flavor of the concentrate you are vaporizing. The result is an extremely smooth, clean, healthy vapor that is absolutely brimming with flavor. For most people, this is a dream hit.

Further Appeal of Recyclers

recycler rigs with wider bases are best for electronic nails There are a whole variety of recycler rigs that can be purchased. Some have wider bases which make them good for electronic nails. Some have more aesthetically pleasing mechanisms for watching the smoke as it recycles through the chambers. Ultimately it's about practicality and personal preference. Recycler rigs tend to be easier to care for and clean. The fact that there is more water and less space for reclaim to build up makes it much easier to manage keeping them clean and functional. As the technology advances it's good to keep up with the times in order to stay on top of the best and healthiest ways to consume cannabis and cannabis concentrates. The recycler rig is definitely one of those inventions that show how technology is improving the smoking experience, allowing us to get the smoothest and tastiest hits possible.
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